ACTION ALERT: Tell Legislators They MUST Pass SB 185 to Stop Cities from Enacting Emergency Gun Control

Critical legislation that prevents government from restricting firearms during an emergency has hit a snag in the closing days of session at the Ohio Statehouse.

Senate Bill 185 prohibits local and state government from restricting the purchase, transfer, carry, or possession of a firearm as part of a declared emergency or a declared public nuisance.

The bill is critical to protecting the rights of gun owners.

Just this month, the city of Columbus passed an ordinance banning magazines that hold 30 or more rounds and mandating storage of firearms. They did this despite Ohio's statewide preemption law forbidding local gun control because city leaders believe they can regulate firearms if they declare an emergency or a public nuisance.

Here's the problem:

Senate Bill 185 passed the Ohio Senate and House by large margins, with just one catch. On the House floor, an unrelated amendment was inserted that adds a five-year prison sentence for someone who kills a firefighter. (A similar law is already on the books for the killing of a police officer). This unrelated amendment is the sticking point as some in the Senate objected to the addition.

As a result, the Ohio Senate voted not to concur with the House passed version of Senate Bill 185. This puts the future of the bill in limbo as time is growing short during the fast-paced lame duck session.

With just days left, there are only two options:

1. The House could add the language in SB 185 to another bill and send it back to the Senate for concurrence.

2. The House and Senate could appoint a conference committee to work out the differences between the two chambers. If that happens, both chambers would have to vote to agree on the conference committee's report.

In either case, time is extremely short. And legislators must act now to pass this bill.

Buckeye Firearms Association takes no position on the firefighter amendment. BFA is a strong supporter of first responders and understands the need to protect them. Our concern is that now that Columbus believes it can defy the state's preemption law using this "loophole," Ohio's other big cities will follow suit.

How long before Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron or Toledo enact similar ordinances under the guise of an emergency or a public nuisance?

The language in Senate Bill 185 would slam the door on this backdoor attempt at taking your gun rights away. Ohio's Senators and Representatives need to hear from gunowners that this bill must pass.


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