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Advertise your products and services to millions of gun owners, hunters, sportsmen, and Second Amendment supporters who visit our website. Specific Google Analytics reports are available upon request.

SIDE BANNER - $1,000 per month (high position) / $750 per month (low position) 255x255px banner ad to appear in our site-wide sidebar.

FOOTER BANNER - $750 per month 728x90px banner ad to appear in our site-wide footer.

SPONSORED CONTENT - $250 one-time fee You write the article (up to 600 words) and we'll publish it. You may include a link. The text should have an editorial tone, and should not be a blatant sales pitch. The text must be edited, proofed, and ready to publish, including a headline. Content that contains spelling and grammatical errors will not be published.

FEATURED CONTENT - $500 per month You may submit a 596x318px jpg image to accompany your sponsored content and we will add this to the "feature" slide show on the home page, including a link to the article. The image will remain with the published content forever, but will be in the featured slide show on a month-to-month basis. You must own copyright on the image and it must be sized and optimized correctly. Unacceptable images will not be published.

PRODUCT REVIEWS - $350 one-time fee You send us the product, and we will review it and publish an article with the results. Our reviews are honest and fair. We will not promise a positive review. You pay for the review upfront and we give you the option to read and approve the resulting article before publication. If you don't like the review, we won't publish it, but there are no refunds. You are encouraged to submit a professional photo of the product for use in the published review.

PRODUCT DONATIONS - negotiable Our Foundation solicits donations for raffles and our annual Buckeye Bash auctions. We are willing to negotiate a trade of advertising for donations of guns, ammo, gear, and other items.

SITE-WIDE POPUP - $2,500 per month You provide a short text ad (about 30 words) or banner ad (300x250px maximum) with a link, and our pop up server will display the ad on every page of our website. The location of the ad can be customized. For example, the ad can slide in from the top, bottom, right or left side.


Let us deliver your message to the inbox of highly responsive pro-gun men and women who subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

  • 100% opt-in email subscriber list
  • Target by county or ZIP Code in Ohio
  • Open rate up to 22%
  • Complete reporting available
  • Optimized for mobile

NEWSLETTER BANNER - $5 CPM 640px wide and 150px high maximum for placement in our weekly newsletter.

SOLO EMAIL BLAST - Full List $20 CPM / Targeted List $50 CPM / $100 minimum. You may provide either text or image ads with a link. Text must be edited, proofed, and ready to blast, including a short subject line. Images must be sized and optimized correctly, no wider than 600px. We cannot use .eml files or code copied from messages in your Gmail inbox or other email programs.

NOTE: We do not offer creative services, so your graphics, writing, and coding must be complete and final.

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