After Bloomberg's latest antics, it's time to take the gloves off

by Tim Inwood

I will tolerate these idiots in silence no more.

Perhaps it is a passage of time issue that eventually the curmudgeon gene emerges and takes hold in most men. I find the older I get the less patience I have with idiots. Nor do I have the desire to be tactful in expressing my views about them. I let it all hang out these days, just like the late Andy Rooney. This is exactly the treatment you are about to be given on how I feel about billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the blooming idiot Mayor of New York City. For years now he has been mindlessly pontificating about how evil guns are and has even created a coalition of simpleminded mayors whose goal is to attack our gun rights.

To make things worse, he has taken his zealotry to criminal levels. He has illegally hired people to go out of New York State and travel to other states to buy guns, in a rather inane attempt to show that it is too easy to buy a gun elsewhere. His investigators would go out with secret cameras and film the sale of firearms between individuals at gun shows, which in Ohio is perfectly legal, as it should be. It is ridiculous for anyone to assume one cannot sell one's own property. Nevertheless these misguided operations were planned, designed, funded and ordered by Bloomberg, all for his vainglorious war on gun ownership. What he cannot escape is that he provided the funding for these gun purchases. Hence they were and are illegal straw man purchases, a felony under federal law. And one should ask why Attorney General Eric Holder is not doing his job and prosecuting the mayor. Bloomberg should be charged with several felony counts for every purchase in the various states where he sent his subordinates to commit these crimes.

Most recently he has attacked the Mormon Church, claiming they are profiting from the selling of guns and fueling the black market with guns. During the Super Bowl he and the equally hapless Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, made a ridiculous commercial claiming they supported the Second Amendment but demanding more gun control. Either they are grossly ignorant or flat-out liars as you can't support the Second Amendment and then do your best to make gun ownership near impossible, as they have. However that is exactly what he does in New York City. Unless you are politically connected, getting a permit to carry a gun is nearly a hopeless endeavor. Hence the city is a criminal's paradise with all the unarmed prey one could possibly want. It is no wonder that for decades New York City, like the other top gun-banning cities, Washington D.C. and Chicago, has had such horrific crime rates. They have disarmed the law-abiding and have virtually made self-defense impossible and illegal.

If these nimrod mayors pushing for more gun control would just use the brains God gave them and apply just a modicum of logic they would understand the rest of the country, where gun ownership is relatively free and unencumbered of the sorts of ridiculous anti-gun laws they have thrust on their people, is much safer than their anti-gun havens. However these myopic pinheads are oblivious to reality. If easy access to guns is the cause of the crime and murder problem that Bloomberg assumes it is, then the rest of the country should have much higher murder and violent crime rates, just like New York City. But the rest of the country does not. By his logic, Salt Lake City, Utah, hub of the Mormon Church and what Bloomberg claims are illegal gun sales, should be a den of crime reduced to a smoldering ruin because per capita gun ownership is quite high. But it's not, is it? Frankly, anyone trying to promote the concept that denying law-abiding citizens the ability to get a firearm as a measure to stop crime is as stupid as the person who sends Mr. Otunzu Leri or any other fraud in Africa, the Middle East or Russia their bank account number and personal information in hopes of getting twenty-five million dollars. They should be ridiculed for the fools they are.

It is time to stop being polite to idiots like Bloomberg and call them out for what they are, especially since he has felt no constraints about meddling in our affairs and attacking our rights. It is high time we meddle in New York City's political affairs and undermine Bloomberg and his political cronies. It is also past time to tell the worthless Attorney General of the United States to get off his butt and do his job and finally prosecute the Mayor for sending his minions to other states to commit felonies.

Tim Inwood is the current Legislative Liaison and Past President of the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association, an Endowment Member of the NRA and Life Member of the OGCA, Republican Central Committeeman for Chester Township A, in Clinton County, Ohio, and a volunteer for Buckeye Firearms Association.

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