After staging photo-op ''hunt'', Kerry refuses to carry his own bird

October 21, 2004
Associated Press

BOARDMAN, Ohio - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said he bagged a goose on his swing-state hunting trip Thursday, but his real target was the voters who may harbor doubts about him.

Kerry returned after a two-hour hunting trip wearing a camouflage jacket and carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, but someone else carried the bird he said he shot.

"I'm too lazy," Kerry joked. "I'm still giddy over the Red Sox. It was hard to focus."


Hmm....he lacks the focus to carry a goose, but he isn't at all concerned about carrying and firing a shotgun. He says he's ready to handle the "hard work" of being President, but he's "too lazy" to carry the bird he supposedly shot.

Although he claims to be an avid hunter, Kerry has never joined the 315-member of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus. And extremist groups know his true feelings about hunting. John Kerry has a 100 percent "A" rating from radical animal "rights" groups like PETA and the Fund for Animals.

UPDATE! The Drudge Report has exclusively published the Reporters Pool Report On Kerry Hunting...

    Not that it was staged or anything, Loftus explained: "He's going to walk down that line of corn. He'll turn down there and walk up this way. Then we will move with great dispatch up there." No questions were to be asked, we were informed.

    Woody, the yellow dog, was the only one who seemed to stray from stage notes. He kept running up to the man ahead carrying the fourth bird, then racing back to the four hunters, only to tag them and race back ahead. "The dog is out of position," sighed one shooter.

More revelations: Kerry camo purchased just prior to photo-op; no reporters saw him fire, no reporters saw him hit; did NOT take bird as he exited our state on his private jet...

Impacting Ohio gun-owners hard...

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