An Afternoon With The NRA-ILA

By Chris Chumita

Several Buckeye Firearms Association volunteers had the pleasure of attending the NRA-ILA’s “Mix and Mingle” on Saturday, April 8th. The “NRA-ILA Mix and Mingle” is an updated version of the NRA’s Grassroots Election Workshop. This event was one of four “test runs” in the entire country of the new program and was held in the City of Lorain. It was also an opportunity to meet the NRA-endorsed candidate, Capri Cafaro. Also in attendance was US Senate candidate, David R. Smith.

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The first session of the afternoon was a training session on how to work on the grassroots level. A large amount of information was covered, including: The NRA-ILA EVC program, volunteer recruitment, voter registration, letters to the editor, yard signs, bumper stickers, literature drops, and Election Day activities. A folder full of excellent materials, such as the 43 page book Election and Legislative Action Manual was provided to all attendees. The manual is an excellent source of reference for all activities at the grassroots level. Throughout the event, attendees were able to earn points through various activities. At the end of the program, the points were redeemed for free NRA-ILA items.

The second session consisted of an update of current federal legislation followed by an opportunity to meet with Capri Cafaro. She is running for congress in the 13th District. Since its announcement, Ms. Cafaro’s endorsement by the NRA has been controversial, because the shopping centers owned by her family ban concealed carry. Ms. Cafaro spoke to the attendees about how she believes in the Second Amendment, and was very honest during the “Q&A” session. When asked about the postings, Ms. Cafaro basically explained that she did not want to mix “business (politics) with family.” However, she felt that she could still fight for our Second Amendment rights as a congresswoman regardless of how she deals with her family.

The NRA has given Ms. Cafaro an “A” rating in 2004 and 2006, based on the answers she provided in her NRA US House Candidate Questionnaires. All of her opponents in the May Primary are vehemently anti-Second Amendment and all are a “F’” rated candidates. She would be the best choice in the Democratic Primary. You can volunteer for Ms. Cafaro’s campaign by clicking here.

The third session consisted of lunch, and an opportunity to socialize with other Second Amendment activists. During lunch, David R. Smith addressed the attendees. Mr. Smith expressed his strong stance on our Second Amendment rights and was extremely well received. You can volunteer for Mr. Smith’s campaign by clicking here.

The NRA-ILA’s “Mix & Mingle” was a huge success, and the NRA is expected to be back in Ohio before the fall election. As soon as it is available, any information concerning special NRA events in Ohio will be posted on the Buckeye Firearms Association’s web site.

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