AGAIN: Senate Republicans leave town with unfinished business

The Ohio Senate Republican leadership, under direction of President Doug White, has once again left Columbus without appointing conferees. They will not return to session until after the 2003 Election, and then are only scheduled for one day in November, and a few tentative days in December.

In another disappointment, Senate President White has informed Tony Gordon Memorial 'Defense' Walk organizer Rick Jones that he will not attend the open carry walk in his hometown of Manchester on Sunday, due to "prior commitments".

There is only one prior commitment his constituents will be interested in on Sunday:

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Last April, Doug White said his chamber will not be looking for guidance from Governor Bob Taft as it begins consideration of a measure (HB 12) authorizing, in most respects, carrying concealed weapons. Rather, he said it will approve the version it deems most appropriate and let Mr. Taft determine whether it should be vetoed.

On the concealed weapons issue, Senator White said he expects the Senate to
deal with the bill expeditiously. "We'll do what we have to do" to get it out of the Senate, he said. "Our focus is not now with the governor." Without identifying the
provisions, Senator White noted that his caucus doesn't need all the language it sought on last session's version of the bill, which died in the Senate.

At present, White's office claims he supports final passage of HB12, but that there is no need to appoint conferees to a committee until a consensus is reached. Funny, we thought that was the point of a conference committee - to negotiate a consensus.

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During the past few months of Senate obstruction, White has emailed constituents claiming that he is pro-gun, but his words have proven to be far different from his deeds, when it comes to assisting Ohio's defenseless citizens.

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How many people will be needlessly victimized in the next month, due to this failure to lead? The Ohio Crime Clock, located on the upper right corner of the home-page, will reveal the sad reality.
Please make plans to attend Rick Jones' open carry 'Defense' Walk in Sen. White's hometown of Manchester this Sunday. The Walk is being held in honor of Tony Gordon, who couldn't "just drive away" when he was attacked, and to all of Ohio's defenseless victims. Tony's father and daughter will be in attendance!

Click here for the current schedule of "Defense" Walks, directions and contact information, and also for more details on future Walks.

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If you don't call your Senator and ask them to take a stand on this issue, Senate President Doug White and Governor Bob Taft may succeed in their attempts to kill concealed carry legislation for several years to come. ACT NOW!

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