All Politicians are not the Same - an Interview with Representative-elect Seth Morgan

By Gerard Valentino

Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman Jim Irvine is fond of saying that all politicians are not the same, despite people’s belief to the contrary. As proof that not all politicians are the same, Buckeye Firearms Association has set up interviews with pro-gun legislators, and other elected officials who believe strongly in the right to bear arms.

In this installment we highlight Seth Morgan, a newly-elected Republican Ohio State Representative for the 36th District. Below are his answers to several questions we think Ohio's gun owners would ask if given the chance.

Q: What in your background helped create your support for the individual civil right to bear arms?

I was raised in a military family where guns were owned. My father was not an active sportsman in my early years as we traveled following where the Air Force sent us. However, while living in the States my father would show me the guns he owned and consistently teach me of the importance of safety with the guns.

I can remember my Father taking me shooting as a very young man and then as I moved into adolescence, our family stopped moving around so much, I had purchased some firearms myself, and we would go shooting more regularly.

I was raised in a family with a healthy respect and enjoyment of hunting and appropriately using a firearm. My family also had a respect for the Constitution and a belief in the foundation of our Country and the intention of its founders. We were taught to believe that individuals were responsible for their actions.

Q: Do you hunt, and if so, what is your favorite hunting activity? If you do not hunt - do you support hunting and why?

I have hunted in the past and have been bit by the bug of good intentions ruined by a very busy calendar for the last decade. I enjoy deer hunting when I do.

Q: What, if any, type of recreational/target shooting have you participated - or watched - or perhaps wanted to participate?

I occasionally will shoot with friends. Our activity is normally very casual with maybe some friendly target competition. I also enjoy shooting guns that I’ve not shot before (different calibers, models, etc).

Q: What do you believe is the greatest threat to our longtime gun-rights heritage?

The greatest threat to our right to bear arms is the continued and/or advancement of a Constitution that is not strictly interpreted.

When unfortunate events happen such as accidents including a firearm, or outright crimes are committed it will always be easier for our Country’s leaders to blame the firearm rather than the perpetrator him or herself. This fact coupled with a Constitution that is not strictly interpreted will continue to threaten our gun rights.

The freedom secured in our Constitution must remain pressed on our hearts and in our minds as our Country seeks solutions to difficult issues – such as crime and security.

Q: How can grassroots gun owners best help you defend our firearms civil rights and heritage?

First and foremost, illustrate what I know – that most gun owners are some of the best citizens of the land. Second, make sure you support those who hold to your position and are willing to stand for that position. Lastly, make sure your views are known – don’t hesitate to use the editorial pages and other forums to make an example of what it means to be a responsible firearm owner.

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