Another business owner with concealed handgun license defends lives in armed robbery attempt

Cleveland Fox affiliate WJW is reporting that another Ohio business owner was able to defend his life and the lives of four others when two armed robbers entered a pet store and began yelling.

From the report:

Five minutes before closing the Neptunes Corner Pet Store on East 71st Street Saturday, Nick Akoury said he was startled by two men wearing ski masks and threatening him with a gun.

They are like, 'This is a robbery, this is a robbery," said Akoury, who told Fox 8 News there were two customers, his son and his manager in the store with him.

"He started yelling at me saying, 'This ain't no joke, this ain't no joke. Give me all your money! You got five seconds!'"

Akoury said one of his customers ran to an office in the back of the store to take cover. When he did, one of the two robbers chased him, thinking the man was going to get a gun.

"All of a sudden I hear 'pow,'" said Akoury. It was the sound of a gun firing.

The bullet went through his office door and into a wall but no one was shot.

The robber then ran back to the front of the store. Akoury, staring down the barrel of the gun, said he was doing his best to comply, giving them his money.

Akoury said the robbery was identical to one at the store in December. He has had a concealed carry permit for years but after the December holdup decided to keep his gun with him for protection.

Akoury said as the two robbers were leaving they turned toward him and raised their gun. That's when Akoury drew his.

"That's when I fired off three shots," said Akoury. "They shot back."

In the exchange, Cleveland Police told FOX 8 Emmanuel Scott, 19, of Cleveland was hit in the left hand and several times in the upper torso.

Scott was arrested at MetroHealth Medical Center. Police also arrested Corey Parker, 20, of Cleveland in connection with the holdup.

A complete list of known incidents involving Ohio CHL-holders defending themselves is available here.

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