Another day, another advocation of law-breaking by gun ban extremists

For 150 years, Ohio law has disarmed defenseless citizens and protected criminals from the possibility of encountering an armed victim. During that time, pro-gun groups never advocated breaking the law. Rather, Ohioans For Concealed Carry, the Second Amendment Foundation, The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and the National Rifle Association fought for reform - in the Ohio legislature and in the courts.

Now that the tables have turned, however, Ohio's main gun ban lobbyist has twice advocated law-breaking, in a matter of weeks.

In a March 22 email alert, Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence founder Toby Hoover encouraged city councils to pass laws enforcing bans on city-owned property, and even in private businesses:

    "Kansas City passed a resolution encouraging businesses to prohibit concealed carry license holders from carrying in their places and posting signs to do so.

    Ohio law does not have the size and wording restrictions but we encourage cities to do a similar action. (emphasis added)


Of course, having fought over every letter of every page of House Bill 12 during the lobbying phase, Hoover surely must know that any such action by city councils would be an illegal action - a violation of Section 9 of HB12, which states, in part, "No municipal corporation may adopt or continue in existence any ordinance, and no township may adopt or continue in existence any resolution, that is in conflict with those sections, including, but not limited to, any ordinance or resolution that attempts to restrict the places where a person possessing a valid license to carry a concealed handgun may carry a handgun concealed."

This is not the first time Hoover has resorted to an advocation of law-breaking as an expression of her post-HB12-passage desperation.

In February, Toby Hoover's Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence issued a press release in which she advocates a course of action that will waste our law enforcement officers' precious time, and perhaps endanger CHL-holders:

"If you see someone with a gun, continue to assume their activity is suspicious. There is no way for you to determine the 'law abiding' from those with criminal intent. Call law enforcement to investigate and leave the area."

As if Ohio law enforcement doesn't have enough to do. Not only is Hoover guilty of openly encouraging the act of burdening Ohio law enforcement community with frivolous prank calls, she is shamelessly telling supporters to run away before the officers they called arrive on the scene. Could this be because she knows prank callers might wind up being the ones charged with inciting a riot or disturbing the peace?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - those who seek concealed handgun licenses (CHL) are some of the most law-abiding citizens in our society - certainly more-so than Ms. Hoover, of late.

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