Another gun on ''gun-free'' college campus

Late last week, the Associated Press reported that police had found a loaded gun in the car of a man accused of threatening a woman on the Shawnee State University campus in Portsmouth, Ohio.

What the AP did NOT note is that this was yet another example of how impotent gun ban laws are at stopping violent criminals.

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From the target=_BLANK>story:

    Portsmouth police say the man arrested yesterday afternoon had reportedly threatened a worker said to be his girlfriend.

    Police Chief Charles Horner says 26-year-old Anthony Lewis of Portsmouth was charged with aggravated menacing and other counts including conveyance of a firearm into a school zone. He was held at Scioto County Jail pending a court appearance today.

    Police worked with campus security to make the arrest. Horner says Lewis tried to hide in his car, but police found him lying on the seat with a loaded, nine-millimeter pistol.

Commentary by Larry S. Moore

For anyone who has a question as to why law-abiding people deserve to carry their guns on college campuses, this story provides yet another clear answer.

I was on the Shawnee State campus just a few days before this incident for our youngest daughter's graduation. I carried my personal protection as far as I could go. That meant it was left in my truck - according to state law - while I was on campus. That meant my protection, and the ability to defend my family, was at times several blocks away from our location.

I commented to my wife because there are none of the famous "gun buster" no guns signs on the Riffe Center. In fact, I don't recall seeing any on campus except at the bookstore.

I had the pleasure of shaking hands with the university president at a reception in the Riffe Center. One family guest even prodded me as to why would I even consider or wish that I could carry my gun into such a wonderful place of enlightenment?

This story makes the answer vividly clear. It is because all the bad guys out there are not nearly as enlightened as I am. Neither are all those folks who are in denial that crime and becoming a victim can happen, and unfortunately does happen, to nice people every day.

We are fortunate that the police could respond in time to prevent physical violence to the co-worker and his girlfriend. For those not familiar with Portsmouth or Shawnee State, the Portsmouth Police Headquarters is located just to the west of the campus, probably 2 blocks or so away from the west end.

Will we be this lucky next time? Is there any chance that the State of Ohio, who background checks applicants and issues our concealed handgun licenses, might actually realize the sensibility of allowing us to carry our firearms with us as we desire. The current Ohio law is far too restrictive. If our drivers licenses were this restrictive, I could only drive on about 50% of the roads in Ohio. Isn't my life and self-defense worth more than that???

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