Another Ohio concealed handgun license-holder protects lives during criminals' attack

"The bad guy got it and the good guys didn't." - Mark Bilger, Toledo store owner

By Chad D. Baus

Toledo media are reporting that another Ohio concealed handgun license-holder has defeated an armed criminal and protected lives.

Police say that at 12:30 PM on Friday afternoon, the owner of Allied Music in Toledo, who has an Ohio concealed handgun license, was forced to shoot a man who entered the store, waived a gun around and then held it to a clerk's head.

From the Toledo Blade:

Toledo police early Friday afternoon responded to the store at 2027 South Byrne Rd. near Heatherdowns Boulevard on a report of an attempted robbery and a person shot.

Sgt. Phil Toney said the suspect entered the store asking about getting a job there. He left but returned a few minutes later and allegedly held a gun to the clerk’s head. As the suspect led the clerk to a back room, the clerk called out "I need help" and a co-owner, Eric Bilger, appeared with a gun.

Gunfire was exchanged.

The suspect, Steve James, 30, of Toledo, who was the only one shot, was struck in the body and hand, Sergeant Toney said.

The man then fled the store and ran across Byrne Road to the Burger King parking lot, where he collapsed. Police said he was transported to the University of Toledo Medical Center, formerly the Medical College of Ohio Hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

Police were issuing an aggravated robbery warrant for Mr. James.

According to comments quote in the Blade by Mark Bilger, who co-owns the store with his brother, the store has been robbed three times since last summer. He said it was fortunate his brother got a carrying a concealed handgun license and had a gun.

"I am very happy that my brother is safe," Mr. Bilger said. Neither Eric Bilger nor the clerk was injured.

Less than 48 hours later, another attempted robbery ended with similar, but this time fatal, results for the criminal.

From a separate Toledo Blade story:

The clerk's identity was not released. Authorities also said they were not immediately sure of the identity of the man who apparently had intended to rob the store.

Dr. Cynthia Beisser, a deputy Lucas County coroner, said she didn't know how many times the man was shot. An autopsy scheduled for today is likely to determine that.

Police said witnesses told them a man entered the store, near Westwood Avenue, wearing a wig and brandishing a handgun.
Police said one of three witnesses inside the store said the man fired at the clerk.

The other two said they didn't see or hear gunfire being exchanged, Sgt. Tim Noble said.

Police said the clerk - apparently fearing for the safety of himself and others - pulled out a gun at some point and fatally shot the man near the store entrance.

...The store clerk and other people in the store were unharmed.

A complete list of known incidents involving Ohio CHL-holders defending themselves is available here.

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