ANY TIME NOW: House Leadership Decision Will Decide the Next 2 Years

[UPDATE November 13, 2010 - We will update the web site when we have confirmation that a decision has been made. In the mean time, phone calls and emails should continue!]

Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

As you know, Buckeye Firearms Association is constantly working to advance your right to legally own and use firearms. As one pundit once observed, "You don't want to know how laws or sausage is made." Well, we need to give you a peek into the law'making process.

Last spring, when the Ohio Senate passed SB239 and SB247, we tried to get these bills immediately passed by the Ohio House of Representatives. Unfortunately, we were not successful.

Part of that failure involved leadership from the House and Senate agreeing that they would cooperate in bringing these bills to a timely vote. The Senate took too long to pass the bills. Now we are in the "lame duck" session with time running out for the House to act on their promise to pass the bills. They must act now.

Simply put, if you cannot spare time to call and email 1.) your representative and 2.) Speaker of the House Budish right now, this vote is not going to happen.

We need you to stop, do whatever is needed (print this email, write it on your hand, forward to Twitter, post on Facebook) to generate as many calls and emails on Tuesday as possible.

The National Rifle Association has already sent an email alert out on these bills. We are making it even easier for you.

1.) Click here to call your State Representative
2.) Click here to email your State Representative
3.) Follow the instructions and contact your representative and the Speaker, and respectively demand that they come back in session for these two bills.

SB239 has passed the Ohio Senate by a large margin. This bill would bring Ohio into the 21st century by joining 42 states that allow concealed carry licensees to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol, and joining 47 states that place no restriction on how a licensee may carry a firearm in a vehicle.

SB247, which passed the Ohio Senate by a large margin, including a 100% vote on a floor amendment, brings Ohio law into alignment with Federal law on restoration of rights. This bill is entirely unopposed by the Ohio Prosecuting Attorney's Association, the Buckeye Sheriff's Association and almost every law enforcement organization in Ohio. There is simply no excuse for not bringing this vote to the floor of the Ohio House.

You have rolled your eyes, expressed your disappointment and outrage at Ohio's absurd gun is the time for you to do something to get these bills passed.

It is inexcusable that these bills have not passed yet. It is even more inexcusable that these bills are not scheduled for a vote despite promises to the contrary.

It is time that you, the gun owner, take charge of your gun rights and let the Ohio House know that there must be a vote on these two bills before 1/1/2011. It is also time that you, the gun owner, let every Representative know that you will consider the failure to bring these bills to a vote as an automatic disqualifier, regardless of party, in future elections. If a candidate has not voted to bring these bills to the floor, that candidate does not deserve your support.

The time for partisan finger-pointing is long past. The time for a vote is now.

Help us fight for your rights!

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