Invites Buckeye Firearms Into The Club House

by Linda Walker

Perusing the Internet these days, the searcher can come up with any subject from A to Z, and then some. That also applies to talk forums. Many forums are extremely informative, usually loosely based around a particular subject, but then some forums can take on a life of their own, and sometimes that life becomes rather raunchy and no longer a good place to visit.

There's a new forum on the block that promises to be a good, clean place to visit. Buckeye Firearms Columbus volunteer Neil Watson started forum on Sept. 16, and it has rocketed to success with over 67,000 posts and nearly 900 members.

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When asked why he started forum, Neil states "I wanted a nice clean discussion forum to discuss the Second Amendment, with the firm belief and support of our Country, Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel. I was tired of all the foolishness other forums had to offer and was not focused on what our Country needs. Basically, I am a true blooded die-hard American."

Neil Watson has been shooting firearms since he was 12 years old, and became member of the NRA at 17. Neil and his family have been "strong supporters of the Second Amendment all his life and has always supported the right to carry firearms to defend ourselves and our loved ones".

Much to our pleasure, Neil Watson has invited Buckeye Firearms and their readers to join in on discussions on his forum, and has given a special area in the "Club House" named for Buckeye Firearms Association, shared by the nationally known Second Amendments Rights group "Armed Females", for our readers to post to and share in discussions. Check out the new forum for a clean wholesome forum that concentrates on the issues we are interested in.

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