Article Submission Guidelines

Buckeye Firearms Association welcomes article submissions. However, please read the following guidelines before contacting us or submitting your article.

Check your facts. Be sure you know what you're writing about and cite your sources. If we can't verify your facts, we can't publish your article.

Write a short, descriptive headline. Readers should understand your topic instantly.

Get to the point immediately. Who, what, when, where, why, and how should appear within the first two paragraphs. In most cases, you should use the inverted pyramid. This is a writing method that helps you structure your article so that the most important information comes first, followed by supporting details. This is how most news articles are written.

Keep it simple. Use short paragraphs and short sentences. This makes your article easier to read and understand.

Proofread and edit carefully. Write your article. Set it aside for a few days. Come back to it fresh and check for spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation. Don't be in a rush. Submit your article only after you're sure it's error-free.

Enclose links in brackets. If you need to include a web link, underline the words you intend for the link and insert the full web address immediately following the underlined text. Example: According to a recent statement from the NRA, gun owners overwhelmingly refuse to accept any form of national gun registry.

Use your dictionary. Here's an excellent online dictionary and thesaurus.

Get a copy of The Elements of Style. It's the best book on clear writing ever written.

When you have an article to submit, use our Contact Form to let us know. Select "News" in the drop down menu to direct your message to our editorial director.

You MUST submit your article in a Word format. That's a file with .doc at the end. Even if you don't use Word, you should use the "save as" feature in your software to save the document in a Word format.

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