Aslanides Bill Has Benefits for Sportsmen and Target Shooters

By Larry S. Moore

Last Saturday, my son and I celebrated National Hunting and Fishing Day by joining a couple of dozen other Ohio Hunter Education Instructors volunteering at the Spring Valley Wildlife Area Range annual open house. Over 130 people attended, many of whom were youngsters and new shooters. They received safety instruction and shooting tips from experienced shooters throughout the day. The volunteers left with a sense of fulfillment from sharing our sport with some of the nicest young people and their parents. What a great experience!

You don’t have to wait for an organized event to take a neighbor, friend, or new shooter to the range. The dividends paid are not only the range time and fun but it is a great way to promote firearms ownership and the Second Amendment. Many people don’t want to write letters to the editor or testify at the General Assembly about legislation.

Introducing a new person to the shooting sports pays dividends at the polls. The next time that new shooter sees a concealed carry reform bill, or an anti-gun news report, your friendship may be the key to their understanding the real issues. Additionally, the NSSF operates a Step Outside Program that encourages and rewards people who introduce new shooters. For more information on Step Outside, go to this link.

The recently announced legislation from Rep. Jim Aslanides contains more than just concealed carry reform. It contains some long needed key reforms in the way recreational shooters and hunters may transport firearms.

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Transportation of firearms by hunters in SUVs and pickup trucks has long been a concern. One problem has been that gun owners have been arrested and prosecuted due to confusion over what the meaning of a "loaded" firearm is, or more likely due to the exuberance of an anti-gun prosecutor. What this bill fixes is the "ammo in the gun case, ammo next to the gun
case, ammo in your pocket = loaded" convictions.
Rep. Aslanides' proposed legislation will remove this restriction and properly define a loaded/unloaded firearm.

Also key for hunters and sportsmen, this legislation features a state preemption clause which makes all gun laws in the state uniform, and removes concerns about local ordinances as hunters travel from across the state to their favorite hunting spots.

It is important for hunters and shooters to get behind this legislation to remove these ridiculous restrictions that put us at risk of arrest while pursuing our favorite outdoor recreation. Several volunteers within Buckeye Firearms Assocation are hunters, trapshooters, or CMP shooters. I am an outdoor writer, hunter and trapshooter. I am involved with Buckeye Firearms Association because my hunting and shooting activities depend on my Ohio Constitutional and Second Amendment rights. As I travel hunting or shooting, often returning through unknown areas late at night, my life may depend on my concealed carry and right of self-defense.

If you are a hunter, I welcome you to Buckeye Firearms Assocation. If you know hunters, please refer them to this political action committee. If you have forums and websites where we can better communicate with hunters and recreational shooters, please let us know. Buckeye Firearms Assocation wants to hear from sportsmen regarding concealed carry and other related firearms issues. We have a strong record of success with concealed carry in Ohio. Sportsmen are a strong voice and recognized force at the Ohio Statehouse. Together we can make more good things happen for gun rights in Ohio.

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