Attention Ohio CHL-holders: Calanni Auto Service wants your business!

By Chad D. Baus

One of the more frequent compaints from Ohio concealed handgun license (CHL) -holders is the number of "no-guns" signs posted in businesses. Although the number of signs has definitely decreased in the five years since the successful self-defense law was passed, far too many businesses - especially in urban areas - still post signs telling some of their customers that they are not welcome.

So it is a welcome change indeed when a business not only refuses to post the offensive and unsafe signs, but actually spends marketing dollars to encourage CHL-holders to shop at their store. And that is exactly what an automotive repair facility in northeast Ohio is doing!

Recently, a Buckeye Firearms Association supporter named Melissa contacted us. Rather than the all-too frequent complaint about a "no-guns" sign, Melissa wanted to tell us about a positive promotion being run by Calanni's Auto Service of Lakewood, Ohio.

Here is what Melissa had to say:

Hi there, I'm a resident of Lakewood, Ohio and frequently receive advertising and coupons for local businesses. Today I received the Lakewood Town Money saver and on the inside of the front cover was an ad with coupons for Calanni Auto Service. What was unusual was one of the coupons was for 10% off any work done with a valid Conceal and Carry license. I just wanted to say that I think this is great that a business is encouraging the CCW law, and its refreshing to see someone that wants people with CCW's to come into their business unlike most that put the sign up and discourage people.

I spoke with the business owner, Charlie Calanni, and he confirmed the discount promotion is ongoing.

Charlie noted that CHL-holders are "always getting beat up" by businesses that post no-guns signs, and that he wanted to show his support for the more than 160,000 license-holders across the state.

Calanni Auto Service is located at:

13728 Madison Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107-4743
(216) 228-6979

If you live in northeast Ohio, you need to know that Charlie Calanni wants to earn your business. So the next time your vehicle needs a repair, don't fogert to bring your CHL, because Charlie will give you 10% off!

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