Attorney General announces First Quarter 2007 CHL statistics

Attorney General Marc Dann has released the concealed handgun license (CHL) statistics for the first quarter of 2007. Once again, the numbers prove that CHL holders are law-abiding citizens, and demand remains steady.

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There have been 92,121 regular, and 217 temporary emergency licenses (TEL's) issued by Ohio's 88 sheriffs since Ohio began issuing the licenses in 2004. Less than 1% of those have been suspended or revoked for any reason.

After the first year rush to obtain licenses, demand has stabilized as Ohio moves into its fourth year of issuing licenses. From January through March of this year, 5,356 more people obtained their CHL's, and 9 people obtained TEL's. This represents only a 3% decline from the same quarter in 2006. As happened last year in the first quarter, it is also an increase above the third and fourth quarters of the previous year.

The passing of HB347 last December may have helped generate interest in new licenses, as many people did not want to (or understand how to) comply with the "plain sight" restrictions that existed previously. That law did not take effect until March 14 and thus may only have contributed minimally to the strong numbers.

There are many people who have a desire to obtain their Ohio CHL, but have not found the money or time to do so. Others are waiting on more significant improvements to Ohio's laws.

This year Ohio will issue the 100,000th CHL, and with each new license comes increased political power. Just as in all the 44 states that preceded Ohio with concealed carry, the numbers are proving that the law works. The gun ban extremists' claims continue to be proven false, and lawmakers are increasingly interested in real solutions to real problems relating to crime and safety.

Many individuals have used their concealed firearm to defend their life from a violent criminal. Several of those cases have resulted in shots being fired, and in subsequent media coverage. The anti-self-defense hysterics have been deafeningly silent with each high profile killing that has proven their claims false. There is no doubt that lives have been saved. Of course, we fully expect the anti-self-defense cronies to make more hysterical and factually challenged claims when the next bill is introduced to help crime victims defend themselves against predators. With all the statistics supporting our side, there is nothing else left for them.

Buckeye Firearms Association is continuing to work with other organizations to take a unified message to the legislature about the issues most important to gun owners. From the looks of the first quarter statistics, it will be another good year for our cause.

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