Attorney General announces Second Quarter 2016 CHL statistics; 65% increase over prior year

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) has released the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) statistics for the second quarter of 2016 and it was another record-setting quarter. There are now 550,000 valid Ohio CHL’s and Ohio honors an estimated 12,300,000 more.

Stats at a glance:

  • For the first time, there are 550,000 active Ohio CHLs
  • 32,259 is the most initial CHLs ever issued in the second quarter
  • This is a 65% increase over the same period the prior year.
  • 47,360 total licensed issued is second only to 48,032 in Q2 of 2013
  • 11,276 renewals represents an approximate 74% rate, slightly above average
  • There are 5% more active CHLs than there were 3 months ago.
  • There are 19% more active CHLs than there were 1 year ago.
  • Sheriffs issued almost 20 CHLs per hour.
  • Sheriffs issued over 650 CHLs per week. (more than double historical average)
  • 1:16 odds an adult you see has a CHL.
  • Revocation rate is about 0.4%

None of this is surprising to Ohio concealed carry instructors who have been swamped with demand for their classes. We were widely criticized for supporting a reduction in required training from 12 to 8 hours. The reason was simple; we wanted more people to get training. The numbers indicate that the new law is working as we intended.

It is always difficult to assign specific reasons for behavior. Certainly multiple high-profile terrorist attacks internationally and at home have contributed in people’s interest in being prepared and able to take care of themselves and their families. Many people thought the terror would end following Ramadan, but it is clear that terror is something we will have to deal with.

The two biggest reasons people with a CHL don’t carry their gun are Ohio’s burdensome laws on victim zones (places a CHL is prohibited from carrying guns) and threat of termination from their employer. HB 48, sponsored by Representative Ron Maag (R), and SB 180, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R), would greatly improve these problem areas. Unfortunately the Ohio legislature has not seen fit to move either of these bills on to Governor Kasich.

Demand continues to support a theory expressed by Professor Brian Anse Patrick that demand has not leveled off, but is increasing over time. Concealed carry used to be mostly hard core shooters, but it has become increasingly popular with soccer moms and others who just want to be safe in their everyday life. It is becoming mainstream.

Sheriffs are up for election this year in Ohio. When you apply/renew your CHL take time to get to know your sheriff or his/her deputy. Did they do a good job for you? Do they support fixing our laws? Would you work on their campaign, or their opponents?

We are now in our 12th year of concealed carry in Ohio. It is past time to fully “de-Taft” our CHL laws and adopts a best practice approach. While no large group of people is perfect, the CHL-holder has proven to be considerably more law-abiding than the population at large.

This is an election year. We strongly encourage you to work on campaigns of legislators who have improved our laws. If your legislator is not living up to your expectations, this summer is a great time to let them know.

Political strength comes through numbers. We ask all CHL’s to consider a membership to Buckeye Firearms Association or a donation to BFA-PAC.

Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association President, BFA PAC Chairman and recipient of the NRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award," the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award," and the SAF's 2015 "Defender of Freedom Award."

Further Information:

Ohio Attorney General - 2016 Q2 Concealed Carry Stats

Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense


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