Bar owner says right to self-defense shouldn’t stop at his door

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    Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 10:43:46 -0500
    From: "Rick"
    Subject: Re: [ccw-talk] Alcohol
    To: "OFCC CCW Discussion List

    I've been watching the debate on alcohol and guns for a while here and have
    some thoughts I would like to share.

    I am a Bar Manager and have been in the bar and restaurant business for
    almost 20 years. I deal with large sums of cash and am at a high risk of
    getting robbed.

    I firmly believe that anyone that has gone through the hoops and passed the background checks should be allowed to carry EVERYWHERE. I think restricting peoples' right to self defense on certain properties is NOT a good idea. It's like saying, "ok, you have the right to self defense here, but all bars and full service restaurants are CPZ's, so come on Mr. and Mrs. Armed Criminal, have a bite out of their
    pie, just leave this one alone".

    Think about it, as more "other businesses" have the right to be
    armed and have armed citizens in them, the savvy criminal is going to
    eventually hit the places they know that law-abiding citizens have been

    Just my 2 cents for all its worth.


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