Frank LaRose endorsed by BFA-PAC

BFA PAC Endorses Frank LaRose for Ohio Secretary of State

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC is proud to endorse Frank LaRose for Ohio Secretary of State.

“LaRose does not just vote for good legislation,” said BFA PAC Chairman Jim Irvine, “he is an engaged partner bringing new ideas and solutions forward to our group and members of the legislature. He is always looking for ways to make our laws, and proposed legislation, better for gun owners, service members, law-enforcement, and every law-abiding person.”

From granting military members home on leave a legal avenue to protect themselves from violence, to protecting employees being discriminated against just for possessing a firearm in their personal automobile, LaRose is always looking for workable solutions to real problems. His experience solving complicated problems directly relate to his ability to be a great Secretary of State.

Senator Frank LaRose is a proud gun-owner and concealed handgun license (CHL) holder who has established himself as an ardent supporter of Second Amendment rights. Frank LaRose has consistently voted to ensure the rights of Ohioans to protect themselves and their families, to enjoy shooting sports, to own firearms and to exercise their concealed carry rights. He supports common sense fixes to clarify Ohio’s concealed carry law and to correct the flaws which do not protect public safety but simply create traps for the unwary.

When it comes to our rights, the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” These are words that LaRose takes seriously.

As a member of the Army Special Forces, Frank LaRose fought for our country. As a State Senator, he fights to improve the laws and the lives of every Ohioan. He has earned our trust to fight for fair and honest elections.

The quality of Frank LaRose as a candidate goes far beyond his 100% perfect voting record. It goes to his moral character, and his fighting what is right for Ohio long term. Every Ohioan should be excited to vote for LaRose for Ohio Secretary of State.

Click here to visit his campaign website.

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