BFA to testify in support of SB 148 to prohibit tracking firearms purchases

Buckeye Firearms Association's Rob Sexton will testify before the Ohio Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee today, Nov. 14, in support of Senate Bill 148, which seeks to prohibit the use of firearms-related merchant category codes (MCC).

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in September 2022 approved the use of MCCs for firearms retailers. Some pro-gun states already have passed laws prohibiting MCCs.

SB 148, known as the Second Amendment Privacy Act and sponsored by Sen. Terry Johnson (R-Scioto County), would prohibit financial institutions from tracking the purchases of firearms via the MCCs.

For reference: Sen. Terry Johnson introduces BFA-backed SB 148 to prohibit tracking of firearms purchases

This will be the second hearing for SB 148, scheduled for 3 p.m. in the North Hearing Room on the second floor of the Senate Building.

The following is the text of BFA's testimony:

Mr. Chairman, members of the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee, I am here on behalf of Buckeye Firearms Association to speak in favor of Senate Bill 148.

Senate Bill 148 would prevent the financial industry from creating a code specifically aimed at purchases from firearms retailers. This latest, terrible idea would allow for the tracking of firearms purchases, which could then be monitored by financial companies. Government agencies could then later request or even require credit card processors to turn this information over, and it would then function similar to a registration list, which of course firearm owners strongly oppose.

Currently most banking organizations also oppose the creation of this specific code aimed at firearms retailers, but of course this could change in today’s world, where companies are increasingly pressured to score better on an Environmental, Social, & Governance scale.

Coding purchases from firearm retailers is a gross invasion of privacy concerning a constitutionally protected right. It is also an imprecise method of compiling information. Most firearm retailers also sell items unrelated to firearms such as other sporting goods and even clothing. All of these would still be coded as a purchase from a gun dealer. Conversely firearms sold at a major big box department store such as Wal Mart would not be coded as a purchase from a firearm retailer.

Buckeye Firearms Association opposes the creation of a Merchant Category Code for gun purchases, and we call on 2nd Amendment supporters in the General Assembly to take action to prevent the compiling of such information from Ohioans. Senate Bill 148 addresses this concern. We are pleased to support Senator Terry Johnson on this legislation, and we join the National Shooting Sports Foundation as proponents. I am happy to answer any questions from committee members.

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