BFA Testifies in Support of SB 360 to Protect Firearms Dealers

Rob Sexton, Buckeye Firearms Association's Legislative Affairs Director, testified in support of Senate Bill 360 on September 16, 2020.

Senate President Larry Obhof introduced the bill to protect firearms dealers.

Specifically, the bill bars public officials from prohibiting all federally licensed firearms dealers in the state or a specified geographic area from the commercial sale or transfer of firearms or their components or ammunition.

President Obhof is the Primary Sponsor and Co-Sponsors include Senators Peterson, Hottinger, Brenner, Johnson, Roegner, Rulli, Schaffer, and Burke.

Here is BFA's testimony:

Testimony of Rob Sexton on behalf of Buckeye Firearms Association supporting Senate Bill 360 before the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on September 16th, 2020

Mr. Chairman, members of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee, I am Rob Sexton, Legislative Affairs Director for the Buckeye Firearms Association. BFA is Ohio’s preeminent organization defending and advancing second amendment rights.

I speak today in support of Senate Bill 360, sponsored by Senate President Obhof. Because the bill is so straight forward, my testimony will be rather brief, but in full support. SB 360 would bar public officials from preventing federally licensed firearms dealers from selling or otherwise engaging in commerce involving firearms, components of firearm, and ammunition.

The historic nature of 2020 has driven home the need for this legislation. In response to the nationwide pandemic, we’ve seen other states attempt to close down firearms commerce. People are justifiably afraid of the many events that have taken place this year, and they’ve seen law enforcement efforts to protect the law abiding severely strained. As a result, commerce in firearms is at an all time high.

While we have been fortunate here in Ohio that there was no attempt to restrict firearms commerce, we cannot rest easy with that knowledge. Special interest campaigns aimed at banning firearms and restricting access to them is at an all time high. And we cannot assume that the current support for the second amendment that exists in the General Assembly will always be there.

In fact, the events of 2020 have convinced BFA and our partners with the National Rifle Association, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation that we must seek clearly spelled out protections for not only firearms commerce, but also for concealed handgun licensing, possession of firearms, firearms training, shooting range access and more.

SB 360 does not restrict the ability of government to enforce the law against any firearms dealer that is conducting business in an illegal manner. It simply makes it clear in statute that commerce in firearms is protected as part of our rights as per both the Ohio and US Constitution to keep and bear arms.

We encourage this committee to take quick action on SB 360, and greatly appreciate President Obhof for bringing this legislation forward for your consideration. I am happy to answer any questions the committee may have. Thank you.

Buckeye Firearms Association wishes to again thank President Obhof for his leadership on the protection of lawful firearms commerce, especially at a time when leaders in many states are ignoring the Second Amendment and closing gun stores. We support this bill and encourage committee members to move it with a sense of urgency.

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