BFA's Sean Maloney seeks reelection to NRA Board of Directors

Editor's Note: Here's a message from Sean Maloney, one of our Volunteer Leaders who helps protect and advance your firearm rights. Please give Sean the support he needs to collect signatures and get reelected to the NRA Board of Directors.

If you are an NRA Life Member or higher or if you have been a regular annual member for 5+ consecutive, uninterrupted years, email Sean today at [email protected] to ask for a petition. Include your name and mailing address.

To My Fellow Patriots and 2nd Amendment Advocates:

My name is Sean Maloney. I am seeking reelection to the NRA Board of Directors and ask for your help to win another term. Thank you all so much for your previous support. I could not have done it without you.

I have been involved with guns and gun rights for over 40 years. First as a plinker, with Dad's 22; then a hunter with my Remington 870; as an Attorney fighting for my clients' gun rights; a lone 2nd Amendment advocate writing countless letters to the editor; a NRA Life Member spreading my 2nd Amendment beliefs to anyone who would listen; as a NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator organizing and working for any NRA Endorsed Candidate; as a Member of Leadership with Buckeye Firearms Association; representing your interests on the NRA Board of Directors; and my greatest achievement as a Father, raising the next generation of pro 2nd Amendment advocates.

My job has just begun. It's time to once again dedicate myself to my fellow NRA Members by continuing to serve as your voice on the Board of Directors. It is my desire to continue to share my experiences and lessons learned from my years of 2nd Amendment advocacy with my fellow Board Members. I want to advance the successes I have been a part of in Ohio to other States so that each American benefits and shares equally in the protections secured by the 2nd Amendment.

My dedication to the NRA has taught me that our 2nd Amendment rights cannot be fought for and protected along party lines. We must come together as Americans to protect, and if necessary fight for, the liberties given to us by God and paid for by the blood of American Heroes.

I am a Benefactor Life Member of the NRA. In 2010, I was humbled when the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) honored me with the "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award," an annual honor that recognizes an NRA member who demonstrates exceptionally meritorious activism in defense of our Second Amendment rights. Then in 2011, I was inducted into the NRA-ILA Election Volunteer Coordinators Hall of Fame, resulting from my continued work on behalf of the NRA-ILA.

As a NRA Certified Instructor, along with teaching safe responsible gun handling as a requirement for obtaining a Concealed Handgun License, I use my instruction as a recruiting tool to increase NRA Membership and increase the number of NRA Frontlines Volunteers. I volunteer my time to youth firearms training, and volunteer personal instruction time by teaching defensive handgun skills to women. I also serve on my local Friends of NRA Committee.

I serve as a Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader and a member of the Buckeye Firearms Legislative Team. I have directly assisted in the addition, modification, and reformation of Ohio's Gun Laws. As a Defense Attorney, I regularly represent and defend clients in cases related to 2nd Amendment rights, general gun rights, concealed carry, open carry, and restoration of gun rights. I also handle cases related to FBI NICS appeals and challenges.

I have dedicated myself to the NRA, as well as the issues surrounding our rights to keep and bear arms, because I care about the preservation of our American heritage. My motivation comes from caring more still about the America I leave behind.

If you again place your confidence in me by signing my petition and voting for me in February or early March 2016, I promise continued hard work and dedication to the NRA and its over 5 million members.

Please email me directly at [email protected] with your name and mailing address if you would be willing to sign/circulate a petition for my name to be added to the ballot for the NRA Board of Directors, and I will mail one immediately to you. Remember, only NRA voting members who are fully paid Life members or higher or 5+ year consecutive annual members (without interruption) are eligible to sign my petition.

Yours in freedom,
Sean Maloney

Member NRA Board of Directors
NRA Benefactor Life Member
NRA Golden Eagle

Veteran 2nd Amendment Rights Attorney
Pro bono Representation for 2nd Amendment; concealed carry; BATF NICS Appeal; Restoration of Gun Rights Litigation; and similarly related litigation

NRA-ILA EVC (Election Volunteer Coordinator)
Ohio's 8th Congressional District

2011 Inductee NRA-ILA EVC Hall of Fame
Top producing EVC in the United States for multiple years

NRA Achievements
2010 NRA-ILA “Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award"

NRA Certified Instructor
-Basic Pistol
-Home Firearm Safety
-Personal Protection in the Home
-Range Safety Officer
-Volunteer Youth Firearm's Training
-Volunteer Women's Defensive Handgun Training

Friends of the NRA Foundation 2008-present
2009 Butler County FONRA Volunteer of the Year
2014 FONRA Regional Volunteer of the Year
Present Chairman; Co-chair, Treasurer, Committeeman

NRA Recruiter

Buckeye Firearms Association
Region Leader
Legislative Leadership Team
-assist in efforts to successfully expand, modify and reformed Ohio’s gun laws, meet with legislators, draft and advise on legislation, attend events, fundraisers, organize events, attend bill signings, write articles and more

Pro-gun Fundraisers
Founded and chaired various events for the defense of endorsed NRA candidates

Butler County Ohio Sportsman’s Club, Middletown Ohio Sportsman’s Cub, Ohio Gun Collectors Association, PF, QU, SCI, JPFO, NSSF, GSSF

Writer and speaker Supporting 2nd Amendment Rights, with appearances on NRA News, Cam & Company, as well interviews and appearances on various local Ohio News Broadcasts, print, TV, radio, OP EDS, Letters to the Editor, Contributor to countless internet blogs, websites and social media

Campaign manager and volunteer for many successful Pro-Second Amendment campaigns for local, state and federal offices, resulting in support and passage of many pieces of pro-gun legislation.

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