Bitter cold lessons on a bitter cold day

By Jim Irvine

With the recent cold weather I was reflecting on how convenient it is not to have to have my firearm in “plain sight” while driving. This is the first winter that we don’t have to try to tuck in a heavy ski jacket or a long trench coat behind our sidearm to comply with a moronic law. Our law changed because we worked hard at it. We were unified. We let the legislators hear from us.

With a pro-gun House, a pro-gun Senate, and finally a pro-gun Governor, it seemed like we finally had it made. But last year ended without the passing a single improvement to our firearms laws. What has happened?

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A year ago we were celebrating victory. Ohio’s first veto override in almost 30 years gave us statewide preemption and greatly improved concealed carry in cars. This year we have nothing.

Last year we made our displeasure known. We called. We emailed. We wrote letters. We sent faxes. We had personal visits. The legislature heard us. We got results.

This year, too many of us thought with a pro-gun Governor, we would finally get good laws. We relaxed. Too many quit. And we got nothing. That is learning the hard way.

It’s easy to blame the “other guy” and hard to look in the mirror. But gun owners need to ask themselves if they have become complacent. If we want results, we need action.

Are you happy with our laws? Do you like all our restrictions to concealed carry? Do you think it’s good to prosecute hunters for leaving one shell in a vest pocket? Are you happy that you need a state license to legally transport a handgun in your car?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then we need you to become more active in this next year. We need you to talk to your Representative and Senator and politely tell them their job last year was unsatisfactory. Ohio deserves better.

Other easy ways you can help:


Volunteer (Everyone should donate at least part of a day to a candidate this year)

Use our Rep Write feature to contact your elected officials. (We will copy leadership to they get the message too) We will begin offering a new topic weekly for you to use.

Help us spread the word to other gun owners. When we act together, we will reap our just rewards.

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