Blood On Your Hands?

By Chris Chumita

Do you have blood on your hands? According to some of the gun-grabbers you do. They feel that anyone who supports the private ownership of firearms has the blood of the innocent victims of gun violence on their hands.

The gun-grabbers have a strange view of the world. They see a world where inanimate objects cause people to do bad things and they feel that criminals are often the true victim. In their jaded eyes, it seems that everyone but the criminal is to blame.

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In order to better understand how the gun-grabbers think, let us take a look at a hypothetical situation. Late one night in Cleveland, a crack-head enters the local “Stop and Rob”. He suddenly pulls out a stolen gun and shoots the clerk in the head. A father of two dies and the crack-head leaves with his “score” for the night; thirty two dollars and some change. He is arrested several days later, but the clerk’s two children are now orphans. A newspaper reports that he has spent a majority of his life in prison, and was still on probation from his last armed robbery.

Most rational people would want the crack-head held responsible for his actions. However, the gun-grabbers see things differently. Why would they blame a grown man for his own actions when there are so many other people to blame?

First they would blame the manufacturer of the gun, because they made the “Instrument of Death” that killed the clerk. The crack-head would not have been able to shoot the clerk if they didn’t make the gun.

What the gun-grabbers fail to realize is that the crack-head would have used another weapon if guns were not available. Would it have been any better if the clerk was stabbed or beaten to death with a baseball bat?

Next, they would blame the “Merchant of Death” (what us normal people call gun stores) who legally sold the gun. The gun dealer is responsible, because the product that he legally sold was stolen and then used in a murder.

Would the gun-grabbers blame the car dealership that sold a car to someone who ends up driving drunk and runs over a group of children on a sidewalk? Would they blame Walmart, because they sold the rope that was used to strangle someone?

Next, they would blame the gun owner whose gun was stolen. The whole tragic event could have been avoided if the law-abiding citizen never owned a gun or secured it better. Don’t you know that criminals wouldn’t be able to steal guns if you didn’t own them? Using that logic, you should be responsible for all of the charges a thief puts on your credit card that he stole.

We cannot forget about you, the average law-abiding gun owner. In their eyes, you have blood on your hands as well. It is your demand for guns that helps keep the gun manufacturers and dealers in business.

By the time the gun-grabbers pass around the blame, there is none left for the criminal.

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