Bloomberg-Funded Anti-Gun "Moms" Group Tries to Falsely Take Credit for "Removal" of Gun-Related Billboard Ad

In its search for anti-gun-group relevance, "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America" recently took credit for an action they apparently had no hand in provoking. In a Washington Times op-ed piece, Emily Miller details how the Michael Bloomberg-funded "Moms" group falsely claimed victory in "forcing" a billboard company to take down a "Slide Fire" gun-related billboard ad in Chicago.

The billboard in question was designed by Slide Fire Solutions, a Texas-based company that sells "Slide Stock" replacement stocks, and showed an apple pie, a baseball glove with a ball, and a modern sporting rifle, with a caption reading, "Pure American."

Miller describes how a publicist for "Moms Demand Action" emailed her this week, saying, "The controversial billboard from rifle company Slide Fire (that you've written about before) came down Tuesday following a campaign from Chicago members of Moms Demand Action." The message went on to say, "While the billboard company, Lamar Advertising, initially indicated that they would not remove their client's advertisement, the space is now blank. Moms are thrilled that their efforts have paid off."

In actuality, Slide Fire CEO, Chris Nichols, told Miller that Slide Fire's billboard advertising contracts specified that the billboard would stay up for only two months, and that the ad had come down as a result of said term expiring--hence, the blank billboard space.

"Certain politically motivated groups have mistakenly reported that the removal of our Chicago billboard was due to their influence," Nichols said. "The advertisement in question was scheduled to run for two months and had completed that time frame upon removal."

"The response to our advertisement has been overwhelmingly positive and we are currently working with Lamar to arrange for more advertising opportunities," Nichols concluded.

Nice try, "Moms."

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