BOOK REVIEW: The County Sheriff - America’s Last Hope

cold dead finders and america's last hope

By Jim Irvine

For all those who are frustrated with our political system and endless corruption and abuse from a government who are supposed to protect the citizens, Sheriff Richard Mack has written a short book (only 50 pages) that focuses not on the long list of problems, but on the solution.

The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope is a book aimed at concerned citizens and fellow law enforcement officers, especially our sheriffs. Mack explains our political system and how it can be used to correct the problems facing our country, even if we can't get the politicians in Washington to pay attention to the desires of their constituents back in district.

The County Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the County. Federal agencies only have power in your county to the extent the sheriff grants them. And the sheriff is elected by the people. Mack argues that the sheriff not only has the ability to protect you from an out of control government, but a sworn duty to protect you. Most citizens, and even most sheriffs don't understand the power and responsibility a sheriff has to protect citizens from enemies – no matter if that enemy is a drug dealer or a government agent.

Mack explains his own transformation from a "jerk" cop into what a sheriff should be. If he can make the transition, so can your sheriff. This book is the road map to get there.

Sheriff Mack has made a goal of putting his book in the hands of every sheriff in the country. Buckeye Firearms Foundation has committed to mail one to every sheriff in Ohio. We think you will enjoy this book too, and have bundled it with another excellent offering from Mack, entitled From my Cold Dead Fingers.

Both books only $25 plus $3 shipping and handing.

Send a personal check for $28 payable to Buckeye Firearms Foundation. Mail to:
Cold Dead Fingers & Last Hope, 15 West Winter Street, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

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