BOOK REVIEW: The Great New Orleans Gun Grab (Descent into Anarchy)

By Jim Irvine

As I started reading “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab, Descent into Anarchy”, by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson, I wondered how I could relate the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and the dire conditions that followed to residents of Ohio and beyond. As I finished the book, many people in Ohio and beyond were getting ready to start day five without power.

Hurricane Ike ravaged Texas, and then headed northeast. Places far from the coast were dealt hurricane force winds that dropped trees on cars, houses, roads and power lines. Damaged houses leaked. Drinking water had to be treated. Showers were cold. Batteries ran dead. There were runs on generators and other “survival equipment.” Those that prepared ahead of time were more comfortable than those who did not.

While, “...Gun Grab” is a book about New Orleans and what happened there, it is also a book about what could happen to each of us, if we are not eternally vigilant. Disaster comes in many forms and can strike any of us at any time with little or no warning. There are lessons both political (Katrina legislation) and personal (be prepared) in understanding what happened.

If “mainstream” media did their job, you would know the whole story and reading this book would not be necessary. Sadly, such is not the case. As much as I knew about the atrocities in New Orleans, the book expounded on what I knew, and demonstrated why we must all work to make sure the aftermath of Katrina never happens again in the United States.

David Kopel summarizes the book perfectly when he says, "An infuriating, fascinating and terrifying tale of good citizens victimized by criminal gangs and a criminal local government. After you read this book, you will know the deadly danger of believing, ‘It can’t happen here.’"

The book is a series of short stories about individuals and their experiences. The New Orleans government and many local police took illegal and unconstitutional actions against good, law-abiding citizens. They broke into houses without warrants; they seized property without due process. They damaged or stole personal property. They injured good civilians. The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation came to the rescue.

Six days is a long time to go without power, but many areas surrounding New Orleans were without power for six weeks. How prepared are you? How will your family deal with adversity when the unthinkable happens in your home town? How well do you know your Mayor, council members, Sheriff or Chief of Police? Now is the time to learn who these people are and make sure they see you as an asset in time of crisis.

I highly recommend “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab, Descent into Anarchy” to all who value their firearms and freedoms, and to those who don’t believe they are necessary.

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