Bowling Green police provide nightly escort to bank for Burger King employees

Burger King employees here are taking no chances of being robbed again.

After the manager of a south side restaurant was robbed June 1, employees at that Burger King and two others in the city have been making a habit of calling local police each night before they close.

When Bowling Green police receive the call, an officer heads to the respective Burger King and follows the store manager to a nearby bank, where restaurant money collected that day can be deposited safely.

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The free police escort service, similar to one offered for funeral processions, is nothing new in Bowling Green, police officials said yesterday.

"We’ve been doing it forever," said Deputy Chief Gary Spencer, who’s been with the department for more than two decades.

He said some fast food restaurant owners or managers regularly call police for assistance at night. He said others, though, typically wait until they have a robbery to seek the special police assistance.

Chief Spencer said no problems - namely robberies - have ever been reported when police are present for late-night business deposits.

OFCC PAC Commentary:
If every Ohio business called their local police department for an escort to make their daily bank deposit, there would not be enough officers or cruisers to go around.

The simple fact is just as Gahanna Deputy Police Chief Rinehart testified to Senate Committee on Criminal Justice stated - despite their best efforts, law enforcement cannot guarantee the safety on any citizen. Instead, Rinehart told Senators that "safety is a right and responsibility of the individual. Conceal-and-carry is a tool to be used in an emergency."

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