Buckeye Firearms Assoc. Endorsees pack Senate Judiciary Comm. on Crim. Justice

Buckeye Firearms Association has learned that five of our former Endorsees have been appointed, along with two other pro-gun legislators to fill the nine-member Senate Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice, where any firearms law reform bills are likely to be given consideration.

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Senate President Bill Harris (pictured in a 2005 reading promotion for Richland County libraries, holding Charlton Heston's autobiography, In The Arena) has announced his committee assignments for the 127th General Assembly.

Sen. Tim Grendell, a Chesterland Republican and multiple-year endorsee of this political action committee, will chair the Judiciary Committee on Criminal Justice.

Other Buckeye Firearms Association Endorsees on the committee include Sen. Patricia Clancy, Vice Chairman (R-2004), Sen. Keith Faber (R-2002, 2004, 2006), and Sen. Tim Schaffer (R-2002, 2004, 2006).

Other pro-gun legislators on the committee include Sen. Steve Austria (R) and Sen. Kim Zurz (D).

Sen. Grendell sports a long history of pro-gun/ pro-hunting reform votes, and voted to override a Governor Taft on House Bill 347 in December 2006. He has also expressed his frustration with those who call themselves "moderate Republicans", including the anti-gun Betty Montgomery, who quit her primary race for governor to oppose Grendell in the race for attorney general, which she then went on to lose to pro-gun Democrat Marc Dann.

In a February 2006 fund-raising letter, Grendell noted that "I am the only pro-gun candidate for Ohio Attorney General, and I have a 100% voting record for Second Amendment issues. The Gun Owners of America and the Buckeye Firearms Association, who both recently endorsed me, know that too."

Committee Chairman Tim Grendell can be expected to be a strong leader for any firearms law reform bills introduced in his committee, and Senate President Harris (himself a 2002 Endorsee of this PAC) deserves commendation for his excellent selection of committee members.

As far as the House of Representatives goes, Committee assignments are not yet available on the House website.

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