Buckeye Firearms Assoc. fundraiser: Advanced Pistol Fighting Level II

Innovative Tactical Concepts, LLC
Brian LaMaster, instructor

Advanced Pistol Fighting Level II class

November 3 - 4, 2007

Western Licking County, Central Ohio

1) Because training is fun, and could save your life.
2) It's a fundraiser for Buckeye Firearms Association!

$250 per participant for both days (a $50 savings)

NOTE: Limited to the first 15 paid participants! ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!

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Advanced Pistol Fighting Level II

Realistic and practical tactics because you live in the real world!

Everyone has their specialty, and at ITC one of our specialties is concealed carry. Much of the time instructors copy material from other instructors and teach it themselves. You can be assured that is not the case with ITC! Our tactics are unique in that if you are unable to draw your gun and/or you do not have a gun with you, you can execute our tactics and that will provide you with optimal chances of survival in most situations.

In this course we will teach you things you need to know and do to maximize your chances of survival from a self-defense aspect and not just from a “firearms” perspective. One of the issues is that if you focus on drawing your gun and not on surviving first, you may miss other opportunities that would allow you to do something that could have saved your life. If you attempt to draw your firearm and you die (or get seriously injured) while doing so when you should have done something else, then the gun was your “enemy”. Although this is an "advanced course" we will cover the basics of shooting and drawing and firing from concealed carry.

Here is a hard core fact: It doesn’t matter how good of a marksman you are if you are unable to survive long enough in the confrontation to ATTEMPT to draw your gun. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to be able to attempt to draw your gun, but you get hung up on your holster or outer garment while doing so, what are you going to do then? We will teach you what to do in this situation. If you carry concealed and believe you WILL be able to draw, fire, and hit your target every time, you are sadly mistaken. The reality of it is, you may never have that chance if you do not stay alive long enough to fight to be able to execute the option of drawing and firing. Expert marksmanship is NOT what is going to win the fight in most situations! Your mindset and tactics play a larger role in your survival than your marksmanship.

And yet, another reality check is that you will react how you have trained to handle the situation. How do you expect to survive a confrontation if you have not trained to do so? Don’t fool yourself any longer! Take this course!

We feel that we are the first to effectively integrate firearms training with martial arts training. (You do not need martial arts training to take this course.) After taking our course, we are confident that you will feel the same.

Course curriculum

It is important to realize this course is an advanced course. You should have a good understanding of proper gun safety, shooting skills, and how to draw and shoot from the holster. However, if you do not train much on drawing from the holster, you WILL learn how to in this course!

There are 3 basic principles that we teach as part of our course. Movement is critical in your survival! Therefore movement is a big part of what we do! The second thing is to deliver a distraction of some kind. You might throw your cell phone, change, hand sanitizer, etc., at the attacker to provide you with a split second in order to possibly draw your gun and/or escape. Lastly, we will place you in a minimum of 9 different situations where you may handle the situation with or without a gun. You must know when to ATTEMPT to draw your gun and when you should do something else. Most firearms instructors focus on using the gun to resolve the situation.

Scanning the area for additional threats. There are three basic times at which you need to scan the area for additional threats. We will discuss these times and methods of doing so.
- Distances at which most confrontations take place.
- Understanding the 3 basic zones of self-defense.
- Reaction times at various distances
- Knowing when to move in on the attacker and when to move away.
- Knowing when to move in on the attacker and when to move away.
- Creating or closing distance at the right moment can mean the difference between life and death!!!
Less lethal options: you need other options available to you in every situation. If all you carry is a gun you are limiting your options for dealing with the situation.
Learn how to fall to the ground safely and fight from the ground with your pistol.
Mindset: Proper mindset is 70% of what you need to survive a confrontation.
- Understanding the attackers mindset as well as yours!
Tactics and skill: Tactics and skill make up 20%.
- Must have the skill and tactics
- We will teach you skills and tactics that are as realistic and practical as it gets!!! Others CLAIM to, we put our money where our mouth is! See our 100% money back guarantee!!!
Gear: Having the proper gear makes up the other 10%.
Possible directions of movement and the pros and cons of each direction of movement. Lateral movement is widely taught amongst firearms instructors, but it is not “the way” to move in all situations. Learn what directions to move and when to move a particular direction. Learn what direction of movement gets you out of the “kill zone” the fastest and gets you off the line of attack! Footwork. What footwork is best when moving forward, straight back, laterally, or other directions?

Speed of movement, shooting stance, and shot placement. All three are directly related, and we will teach you WHICH one is most important.
Reactions in a confrontation. How will you react? What is the natural default reaction of people who have not received training or that other instructors are teaching people? You WILL react HOW you have trained to handle the situation. How do you expect to survive a confrontation if you have not trained to do so?
Ready positions: pros and cons of several ready positions.
Countless live fire exercises shooting one and two handed while moving! Yes, we said one and two handed while moving!
And much more…

What are YOU waiting for? Sign up today to receive cutting edge training on concealed carry!!!

Items needed:

• One open mind.
• Safe working handgun (semi-automatics are preferred because most of the drills are geared towards automatics. However, if you have a revolver you can still attend but understand the course is geared towards the use of automatics!)
• 3 Magazines (or speed loaders if using a revolver)
• 1,000 rounds of factory ammunition
• IWB or OWB holster
• Inert gun (one that is the same as what you normally carry and will work in your holster!)
• Knee pads and elbow pads
• Long pants because we will spend some time on the ground!
• Concealment garment. We WILL be drawing from concealment and firing!!! That’s what this course is all about!
• Lunch each day.
• Hydration

Please let us know what caliber of gun that you are bringing because we need to know if there are any odd ball calibers that we need to purchase dummy rounds for! If you are using a revolver for this course you are going to need to let us know so we can get dummy rounds!

This course is a two day course. Cost is a mere $250, with a generous portion of the proceeds going to support Buckeye Firearms Association.

NOTE: Limited to the first 15 paid participants! ONLY 5 SPOTS LEFT!

Make checks payable to Buckeye Firearms in the amount of $250. Mail to:
Buckeye Firearms
15 W. Winter St.
Delaware, OH 43015
Note in the memo area of the check "pistol class". Please include contact information including name, address, phone number and email address when mailing payment.

Buckeye Firearms wishes to acknowledge and thank the generosity of Brian LaMaster, Innovative Tactical Concepts and their instructors in their willingness to conduct this fundraiser for Buckeye Firearms! Please reward their generosity by using their services.

Further questions may be addressed to Linda Walker at
[email protected]

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