Buckeye Firearms Association Announces More 2005 Endorsements

The Buckeye Firearms Association proudly announced many more endorsements in local races around the state today.

As a part of our expanded focus on general firearms issues, this political action committee intends to direct our attention to an increasing variety of local races in the state of Ohio for off-year elections. This year, there are a few contests which pique the interest of Buckeye Firearms Association, some because they are between pro-gun candidates and out-and-out liberal anti-gunners, and others because we wish to support pro-gun candidates in positions that could one day lead them to the Statehouse or Governor's mansion.

One of our latest endorsees, Columbus City Council candidate Phil Harmon, is holding a Shooting Competition Fundraiser Wednesday evening, September 28 - click here for information.

Thanks to those who helped bring us good candidates!

Click here to view the Candidate Voter Guide, which includes links to candidates' websites when available.

Click on the "Read More..." link below for a healthy reminder from PAC supporter Rick Jones on the importance of researching candidates and VOTING every time the polls are open.

By Rick Jones

When home repairs or new home construction are in the planning stages,
careful considerations are made regarding just who is going to be contracted
and employed to do the work that we need done. We all know that we want the
work done right the first time, to our satisfaction, and that it will last.
There will be many who will tell us just how good they are and how much they
really want to do the job we want. With this in mind we do our homework,
we research many businesses, research the people who work there, look at
their past activities, look at all things that might effect us and our
project. Sometimes many weeks or maybe even months are consumed before we
make just the right choice of who will work for us. We are particular who
does this work because it is going to affect our little part of the world.

With upcoming elections taking place we all need to look at the candidates
like our aforementioned projects. Do the research, look at all the
candidates, talk with them and see just how they are going to work for you
and your family. Each one will tell you that they will be the best one
suitable for the job of working for you, and you must decide who it will be.
The work that they do will not only affect you and your family but those of
everyone in the State of Ohio and the entire United States. Think and
choose carefully who you want to work for you.

Take the extra time and effort to make the best decision you can of whom to
Benjamin Franklin once said, "Everyone should be a part-time politician" and
that is it should be. Make sure to exercise those constitutional rights and
vote at every election.

Help us fight for your rights!

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