Buckeye Firearms Association candidate endorsements coming soon

Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) has not yet made any endorsements for any candidates in Ohio.

BFA has received many survey responses from candidates for various offices and is in the process of grading surveys and voting records. We will make our decisions carefully and issue our official endorsements soon.

The only "endorsement" the PAC has issued this year is for Ken Hanson, our legal Chair, who is running for a Board of Director position with the National Rifle Organization (NRA).

We understand that there is some confusion about whether or not we have endorsed in the GOP primary contest for State Auditor. We have not.

Friends of Seth Morgan issued a news release earlier today announcing that the Ohio Tea Party PAC had endorsed Seth Morgan for Auditor of State. The release included Buckeye Firearms Association in a list of coalition members. This left the impression that BFA endorsed Morgan. However, BFA did not cast a vote, and was not part of the 7/8ths majority that did vote in favor of the endorsement.

It is true that we work with many other groups. However, we only work with them on Second Amendment issues.

Buckeye Firearms Association is a one-issue, nonpartisan political action committee and makes its own endorsement decisions. These decisions are made exclusively on the issue of gun rights. We do not consider any other issue nor do we consider party affiliation.

For the first time, we will issue candidate grades in addition to our endorsements. As always, we will support our endorsed candidates in every way possible.

We encourage all gun owners to get involved in the political process. Considerable effort goes into our endorsements and we believe our endorsed candidates deserve your support.

ATTENTION CANDIDATES: If you are running for any office and have not yet received or completed our survey, we invite you to do.

CLICK HERE to use our contact form and request a survey. Select "Candidate Endorsement" and give us your name, phone number, and email address. We will make sure you have an opportunity to complete our survey.

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