Buckeye Firearms Association Candidates Forum a Success

By Jim Irvine

Buckeye Firearms Association would like to thank Black Wing Shooting Center for the letting candidates and grassroots volunteers spend some time together last weekend. A good time was had by all.

Thanks to all the elected officials who took time from their hectic schedules to attend. For several of them, it was a three hour drive, each way. That is more than an eight our time commitment to spend time with you. They are our friends.

And thanks to all the people who came to listen to what our current and future leaders had to say. The influence Buckeye has in meetings at the statehouse is directly related to the grassroots support we can generate at these events and on the campaign trail. Our success depends on your involvement.

Following are links to participating candidates' official websites.

Jim Petro for Governor

Joy Padgett for Lt. Governor

Bill Peirce for Governor

Roger Strickland representing Ted Strickland for Governor.

James Lee representing Ken Blackwell for Governor.

Marc Dann for Attorney General.

Sandy O'Brien for Treasurer.

Jim Trakas for Secretary of State.

Greg Hartmann for Secretary of State.

David Smith for U.S. Senate.

Bill Pierce for U.S. Senate.

The above candidates represent the Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian parties. There will be good candidates on the ballot this fall, but only those that are successful in the May 2 primary. You are strongly encouraged to volunteer with Buckeye Firearms and one of these campaigns.

Any good candidate, who is willing to fight for your rights for 2/4 years deserves 2 days of your time to help him/her get elected.

Help us fight for your rights!

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