Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Josh Mandel for Ohio Treasurer of State

Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Josh Mandel (R) for Ohio Treasurer of State in the 2010 general election.

Many politicians talk about defending our rights. Josh Mandel shares our values. He knows our Second Amendment rights are essential for safeguarding our families, our homes and our freedoms. He voted for SB184, Ohio's Castle Doctrine law, which restored important rights that had been lost. He has been endorsed multiple times by Buckeye Firearms Association and he has earned our endorsement again.

Jim Irvine, Chairman of Buckeye Firearms Association said, "I first met Josh Mandel at an event for another State Representative. I did not understand why people were so excited to talk with Josh, then a Lyndhurst city council member. After meeting with Mandel, I began to understand. Mandel does not just support us, he is one of us."

At an early age, Josh Mandel was comfortable with who he was and what he stood for. He knew what he wanted to do, and enjoyed working harder than anyone else to achieve his goals. His organizational skills are second to none and his personality is one that most everyone enjoys being around.

Mandel is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq. Josh prides himself on finishing first and takes a back seat to no one when it comes to defending our Second Amendment rights. Last summer Mandel worked hard fighting for your rights and vocally supported a Federal bill to allow concealed carry in national parks, proving Mandel's support for your rights does not end with his elected position.

Mandel's campaign web site contains numerous photos of him with firearms. His support for your rights is something he is proud of, unlike some who use guns and camouflage to hide their true agenda. Josh Mandel is type of person other Constitution loving politicians should aspire to be.

Mandel's time in office has been more devoted to finance than firearms. He cares for your money and roots out and punishes corruption. That experience makes him the right choice for Treasurer, where ethics and integrity are crucial to being a good steward for the citizens of Ohio.

Mandel's opponent this fall, Kevin Boyce, supported Columbus' so-called "assault" weapon ban when he was a city councilman. The now defunct gun ban, better known in pro-gun circles as the Mentel Ban, named after its primary sponsor, the constitutionally-challenged Mike Mentel, cost the City of Columbus an estimated $20 million of lost convention revenue when the NRA canceled plans to host its Annual Meeting in the city. In addition to all the other damage, various gun bans have cost the city at least $140,000 in legal fees after they could not defend their unconstitutional laws in court. Ohio can not afford that sort of reckless action from our State Treasurer.

Josh Mandel is a principled, liberty loving protector of your money and Second Amendment rights. He has earned our endorsement and deserves your vote.

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