Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Richard Cordray for Ohio Attorney General

Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Richard Cordray (D) for Ohio Attorney General in the 2010 general election.

Cordray has exhibited strong support for the Second Amendment and for the rights of Ohio gun owners during his first term as Attorney General.

In 2009, Buckeye Firearms Foundation sued the city of Cleveland seeking a court order to stop the city from persecuting law abiding gun owners, in conflict with state law. Attorney General Cordray promptly filed a "Motion to Intervene" in this case, in order to "defend this state law."

The Attorney General's office also filed an "Answer of Proposed Intervenor", which "sets forth the following preliminary and/ or jurisdictional defenses":

  • R.C. 9.68 is constitutional in all respects.
  • R.C. 9.68 is is a valid general law of the State of Ohio.
  • R.C. 9.68 does not violate Article XVIII, Section 3 of the Ohio Constitution.

In addition, Cordray is involved in defending Ohio's statewide "preemption" law (R.C. 9.68) from a constitutionality challenge by the City of Cleveland. Last November, when a three judge panel in the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals sided with the City of Cleveland, and declared the law to be unconstitutional, Cordray appealed the case to the Ohio Supreme Court. In May 2010, via the Solicitor General, Cordray filed a strong merit brief in support of upholding Ohio law. Oral arguments in the case are expected to be heard this fall.

"The central question in this case is the validity of a state law designed to protect gun ownership and possession in Ohio," said Cordray. "The General Assembly determined that Ohio should have one comprehensive state law defining the rights of gun owners instead of a patchwork of regulations, and we will continue to defend that decision."

Cordray aggressively pursued concealed carry reciprocity agreements with other states, having signed agreements with Nebraska and North Dakota.

"The concealed carry law, which I support, is an excellent example of how the 'wild, wild west' predictions were way off base, and it isn't the law abiding citizen gun owner that we should be worried about," said Cordray.

Cordray has also represented Ohio gun owners well on a national level.

In November 2009, Cordray co-sponsored an amicus brief in the United States Supreme Court, arguing that Second Amendment rights should be protected from undue restrictions imposed by state and local governments. The brief, which Cordray's office and its counterpart in Texas led the writing of and which was signed by 38 state attorneys general, argued that these rights should be protected from undue restrictions imposed by state and local governments. Cordray had previously joined the effort in asking the court to take the case, known as McDonald v. City of Chicago. The high court's favorable ruling in the landmark case, was handed down only weeks ago.

"We are proud to have helped defend the Second Amendment rights of Americans in this important Supreme Court case. We joined with other state attorneys general in urging the court to hold that the people's constitutional right to keep and bear arms is fundamental and cannot be denied by state and local governments," Cordray said. "The Supreme Court has now given full meaning to the Second Amendment for all Americans, no matter where we live or what level of government might seek to restrict our rights.

"The right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment is a fundamental liberty interest subject to incorporation against the States. Indeed, in the Anglo-American tradition, it is among the most fundamental of rights, because it is essential to securing all our other liberties. The Founders well understood that, without the protections afforded by the Second Amendment, all of the other rights and privileges ordinarily enjoyed by citizens would be vulnerable to governmental acts of oppression."

Ken Hanson, Buckeye Firearms Association Legislative Chair said "I first encountered Richard Cordray in law school when I took his State Government class. To say he is an exceptionally bright attorney is an exercise in understatement, as his 5-time Jeopardy Champion status attests to.

"Rich is a strong, lifelong conservationist," Hanson continued. "Although not an active hunter himself, he supports hunting not just as a logical extension of conservation policy, but also as a preservation of our heritage."

"Hunting is a way of life, not a hobby," said Cordray. "The dedicated hunter, whether carrying on a family tradition or simply supplementing the food in the refrigerator due to dire need, is one of the foundations of our country."

Cordray's opponent this fall, Mike DeWine, was thrown out of his U.S. Senate seat by voters in 2006, after running around sporting a Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) endorsement because "his record really wowed the group." Shortly before his defeat in 2006, he took a position in opposition to legislation which barred gun manufacturers, distributors, dealers or importers from frivolous lawsuits designed to put them out of business. Human Events Online named him among the Top 10 anti-gun U.S. Senators, noting that he was "consistently the only Republican to speak in favor of anti-2nd Amendment legislation on the Senate floor."

Buckeye Firearms Association Chair Jim Irvine concluded, "Attorney General Cordray has proven to be a strong pro-gun ally. He has staunchly defended our laws and our rights in court and expanded concealed carry reciprocity agreements. His work as Attorney General continues to bring direct benefits to gun owners in Ohio and across our great country."

Ohio needs Richard Cordray to be reelected as Ohio Attorney General.

Media Coverage

The Dayton Daily News - Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Cordray for AG

The Buckeye Firearms Association has endorsed Democratic Attorney General Richard Cordray for re-election over Republican challenger Mike DeWine, the former U.S. senator from Cedarville.

"The Buckeye Firearms Association represents the interests of an important group of people in Ohio, and I am honored to have received their endorsement," Cordray said in a press release on Wednesday, July 21.

Click here for the full text of the endorsement.

The News-Herald - Ohio gun owners swinging to Democrats?

In a reversal of fortunes for top-level Ohio Democrats, Second Amendment supporters are abandoning Republicans.

Earlier this month the National Rifle Association announced its support for the reelection of Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland - long a darling of gun owners.

Now comes word today (Thursday, July 22) that the Buckeye Firearms Association is endorsing current Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray for re-election as well.

On July 11 the Buckeye Firearms Association similarly endorsed Strickland's reelection.

"Cordray has exhibited strong support for the Second Amendment and for the rights of Ohio gun owners during his first term as Attorney General," the Buckeye Firearms Association said in its release.

The Association notes Cordray's friend-of-the-court brief before the U.S. Supreme Court that recently struck down Chicago's handgun ban.

Also, Cordray is defending Ohio's preemption law against Cleveland as it relates gun laws.

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