Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Rob Portman for U.S. Senate

Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) is pleased to announce our endorsement of Rob Portman for United States Senate in the 2010 general election.

Portman previously served as a Congressman from the Ohio Second District, Director of the federal Office of Management and Budget, and also as Trade Director. His record on Second Amendment issues is solid.

Portman voted for the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" (HR 1036) to prevent lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. He voted against the "Regulation of Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons" (NR 4296) – the so-called assault weapons ban. He later voted to sunset the assault weapon ban. Early in his career (1993) he voted against the Brady Handgun Bill (HR 1025). The Portman record stands solid for gun owners and is in stark contrast to opponent Lee Fisher's life-long pursuit of gun control, plus Fisher's service on the Board of Brady Campaign (Handgun Control Inc).

Additionally Portman has a personal involvement with firearms and hunting. Both have been passed down in his family.

"I heard Portman speak on this subject when he addressed the 2008 annual convention of the League of Ohio Sportsmen," said Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader and outdoor writer Larry S. Moore. "Portman said, 'I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life, I'm a lifelong hunter and fisherman, and a guy who believes I have a right to use firearms responsibly. As you may know, the NRA looked at all the votes I made during my 12 years in Congress regarding the Second Amendment, and gave me an A rating."

In 2008 Portman called for overhauling the Pittman-Robertson tax process and the way the firearms manufacturers must pay the tax.

Portman explained, "We need to do everything possible to ensure that these self-imposed taxes are administered in a manner that is sustainable and is fair. We need to replace the biweekly reporting requirement with a quarterly schedule that is consistent with other estimated tax payments. If elected, I will be working with a bipartisan group in Congress that shares my interest in removing this burdensome and unnecessary requirement."

While not a result of Portman's statement, the Firearms Fairness and Affordability Act of 2010 (S. 632) and House companion bill Firearms Excise Tax Improvement Act (HR 5552) are in now the U.S. Senate. This demonstrates Portman's understanding of a variety of firearms issues. It clearly shows that Portman is willing to go to bat for gun owners and firearms manufacturers.

Ohio's gun owners need Rob Portman in the United States Senate. Not only is Portman the clearly superior choice over anti-gun Lee Fisher, the Senate will play a key role in any gun legislation. Gun owners need a clear pro-gun majority in the Senate and Portman is one key to that goal.

Additionally, should the current administration attend to ratify any United Nations treaties dealing with international gun control, the Senate must ratify any treaty. A pro-gun majority is critical to protecting our gun rights and the United States Constitution.

Ohioans, and all Americans, need Rob Portman as our next U.S. Senator.

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