Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Sharon Kennedy for Ohio Supreme Court

by Sean Maloney

Buckeye Firearms Association has endorsed Sharon Kennedy for Ohio Supreme Court Justice, for the November 6, 2012 general election. Ohio Supreme Court races are among the most important races Ohio voters make, but it's difficult to know where the candidates are on important issues.

We as pro-Second Amendment activists, gun enthusiasts on every level, including Concealed Handgun License-holders regularly put our trust in the judges we elect to office, and know little about. Unfortunately, because of ethical considerations and the fact that "justice is blind," judicial candidates are not permitted to speak concerning views that are very important to us. We are forced to pull that information out of their judicial record, their rulings, their written opinions that often times don't offer the insight for which we are looking. Unfortunately for us, "Firearms" and the many issues surrounding them are one of those topics about which Judicial candidates are limited in what they can say.

One of the most important elections this year is the Ohio Supreme Court race between Ohio Supreme Court candidate Sharon Kennedy, and self-proven anti-gun Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown. Brown's actions and words before she was appointed to Ohio's Supreme Court and her actions since, earned her an "F" rating from the NRA, and Buckeye Firearms Association. But what do we know about Butler County Common Pleas Judge Sharon Kennedy, who is running against Brown? I know plenty! Since 1993, I have worked alongside her, practiced law in front of Sharon as judge, and continue to enjoy her company professionally, and personally.

We, as Second Amendment firearm enthusiasts, share our passion with like-minded people and those we trust. Whether it's information we have learned or the new gun we are going out to shoot for the first time. After all, what's a new gun if you can't tell your buddy "look what I have and you don't!" Back in 1994 that is what I did, when I purchased my first Glock pistol. The first call I made was to Sharon Kennedy - "let's go to the range!" No argument, and a few hours later love them or hate them, we were experiencing the joy of the gun that took America by storm. What better way to evaluate my new Glock, than with a former Police Officer, experienced shooter, gun enthusiast, and like-minded friend, Sharon Kennedy. We enthusiastically ran a few hundred rounds through that impressive "black gun." As expected by anyone with a passion for the Second Amendment, Sharon added a Glock to her collection of firearms.

As her career expanded, Sharon - an excellent trial attorney in her own right - decided she wanted to serve the people of Butler County, Ohio, as common pleas judge. Sharon's dedication and passion towards her goal enabled her to prove that she was the better candidate, enabling her to defeat a sitting judge. Shortly after becoming judge, Sharon learned that firearms seized as a result of court cases, where temporary orders had mandated their seizure, had not been returned to the rightful innocent owners. Sharon took it upon herself to identify the owners, and return the firearms to them.

Because of her modesty and judicial rules, Sharon cannot not tell you how good she is on our issue. Sharon Kennedy is a true patriot; she enthusiastically believes in our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms; she as a fellow CHL-holder believes in our right to self-defense. Sharon like all of us believes nobody - no government; politician; or organization - has the right to tell us, when; where; how; or if we can defend our gift of life.

Ohio Supreme Court justices are elected for six (6) year terms. Passing good legislation is fruitless unless we have good justices to uphold our laws. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled on many gun related cases in recent years and that trend will likely continue. Candidates are not able to raise the money needed to reach voters in the way typical candidates do. Word of mouth and grassroots activism are more critical to winning these races. Please help us spread the word about Sharon Kennedy to all Ohio voters.

To learn more, volunteer, and donate to her campaign, please visit her website at KennedyForOhio.com

Sean Maloney is a Buckeye Firearms Association Minuteman, a Second Amendment Rights attorney in West Chester, OH, an NRA Benefactor Lifetime Member, NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator for Ohio's 8th Congressional District, an active NRA Instructor and received the NRA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award."

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