Buckeye Firearms Association PAC endorses Mike DeWine and Jon Husted for Governor/ Lt. Governor

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC enthusiastically endorses Mike DeWine and Jon Husted for Governor and Lt. Governor in the 2018 general election. Gun owners have proven they can be the difference in big races, and this year they should be supporting Mike DeWine for Governor of Ohio.

Mike DeWine has been the best attorney general Ohio gun owners have had. He has earned this endorsement through his words and his actions. Always responding when asked, and often initiating good ideas DeWine has proven he is the best man for the job.

In 2010, this PAC endorsed Cordray over DeWine. In the eight years since Mike DeWine has proven he is a strong friend to gun owners, while Cordray has distanced himself from groups representing law-abiding gun owners.

Lt. Governor candidate Jon Husted has long and distinguished history supporting shooters. As Speaker of the House, Husted oversaw the enactment of statewide preemption, a veto override, and the largest improvement to Ohio’s concealed carry laws ever passed. The Democratic candidate has a history of working against law-abiding gun owners voting many times to deny them basic rights.

As Attorney General, Mike DeWine has been a strong ally of gun owners. He stood up to President Obama’s ammo bans and won. He testified in support of good legislation in Ohio and used in influence in D.C. to help defeat bad federal policy. He has filed numerous amicus court briefs supporting the right to keep and bear arms. In short, there is nothing he has not done.

“DeWine’s opponent didn’t return a survey, has stayed away from our events and apparently doesn’t want to be supported or aligned with gun groups or the people we represent” said Jim Irvine. “Unfortunately, he has changed. But, fortunately for gun owners, so has Mike DeWine.”

Both gubernatorial candidates have remade themselves on our issue over the past eight years. One for the better, and one for the worse. Once you know the facts, the choice is easy: Mike DeWine and Jon Husted for Governor of Ohio.

Irvine said, “We have watched Mike DeWine on various issues from reciprocity to license application issues to lawsuits against cities. Time and again, Mike DeWine has not just done his job, but he has gone above and beyond to support gun owners and license holders. I have no concerns with Mike DeWine and I am confident that Mike DeWine will be the best governor Ohio has had on our issue in many decades.”

Buckeye Firearms Association PAC seeks to empower voters by grading, endorsing, and supporting candidates on the city, county, and state level, including mayors, sheriffs, legislators, governor, and other races.

Our Endorsement Committee grades candidates based exclusively on their support for gun rights and issues endorsements for those who have demonstrated this support through votes and real-world action on behalf of gun owners. These grades and endorsements are summarized in our Ohio Pro-Gun Voter Guide.

The PAC provides endorsees with volunteer support, fundraising assistance, consultation, event speakers, and targeted email alerts to help them win elections.

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