Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader Larry Moore to debate merits of campus carry at Central State University Sept. 15

Central State University (CSU) students and the local community will get to explore the world of Constitutional law and the controversy surrounding guns on campus on Thursday, Sept.15, when the third annual Constitution/Pre-Law Day is held.

The event will take place at CSU's College of Education and Natural Sciences and will run from 12-3 p.m. According to Sidney Williams, the director of Central State University's pre-law program and special initiatives, all nine of Ohio's law schools will bepresent at the event. Ten additional law schools will also have representatives on hand to speak to attendees about their programs and the benefits of entering the law field.


Lively conversation and controversy will take place during the third portion of the event as Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader Larry S. Moore and State Representative Clayton Luckie of the 39th District face off in a debate over House Bill 256. Sponsored by State Representative John Adams, the bill would lift restrictions on carrying a licensed, concealed handgun onto a school campus. Moore will speak in support of the bill while Luckie represents the opposition. Williams believes the debate will provide the public with a deeper examination and understanding of a timely and relevant topic.

"Second Amendment rights in recent history have garnered a lot of attention," said Williams. "Whenever we have a high profile shooting, like the Gifford shooting or the IHOP shooting, it garners even more attention. I hope it's a lively debate. I believe this issue needs to be brought to the public to discuss the pros and cons of the bill. I want members of the community and the students to be more informed on this issue. It's not my job to sway them one way of another."


Interested readers wishing to know more about the Constitution/Pre-Law Day are encouraged to visit CSU's website at www.centralstate.edu.

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