Buckeye Firearms Association at work in the first half of 2007

By Jim Irvine, Chairman

Thanks to you, we had a good first six months, receiving a donation per day. We collected over $11,000 from more than 180 donors. Those are our strongest numbers ever, and position us well for the future.

We spent over $6,000 during the period in our continuing effort to restore firearms rights.

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How we spent your money:

  • $1,500 for costs associated with the Buckeye Blast event.
  • $1,500 on CCW wallet cards and business cards, allowing us to reach new people and build our grassroots network.
  • $1,300 on thank you gifts for donors at the $50 or above level.
  • $1,200 on postage.
  • $600 political donations to candidates and USSA
  • $260 on transactions fees associated with Pay-Pal donations.

    That leaves us with over $9,000 cash on hand and positions us well for the future as we continue to build our bank balance and grassroots network that we will need in the next 12-18 months.

    The first half donations were helped substantially by our April 1 Buckeye Blast event at TDI. A special thanks to all who donated their time and/or money to make that event a success. We also received support from many people signing up to become Defenders. It’s a cliché, but you can’t win without money. Thanks to those who donate, we have money to finance our work.

    The money we spent included giving something of immediate value to our donors such as a day of shooting at TDI, or the Ohio Guide to Firearms Laws and the Traveler’s Guide to Firearms Laws of the 50 States. They are a cost of getting donors to fund us.

    We invested in our future. We have handed out over 40,000 wallet cards. If we want better laws, we need more influence. That influence will come from a growing network of gun owners. As people receive our free card, visit our web site, and learn about the work Buckeye is doing, they realize how important supporting us is to their rights. We are already seeing the fruits of this effort, but there is still enormous growth potential we will continue to pursue.

    Our donation to U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) illustrates two groups working together for a common cause. For the first time, this fall, Ohio hunters with a concealed carry license (CHL) will be permitted to carry their self-defense weapon with them while hunting.

    Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to be your pro-gun Ohio PAC, and we will continue to use your donations to benefit all gun owners. Castle Doctrine has been introduced, and we are working with the legislature on a variety of additional improvements to Ohio’s firearms laws.

    The next six months should be exciting for Ohio gun owners. Expect to see movement on Castle Doctrine legislation, and the introduction of other good bills. Many of our friends will be term limited out of office at the end of next year, and candidates are lining up to replace up to 40 State Representatives and Senators. Keeping a strong pro-gun majority will require large amounts of time and money, and we are positioning ourselves well for the job at hand.

    We realize there are many groups asking for your money. Ohioans are blessed with a plethora of good pro-gun groups. We will continue working to earn your respect, spend your money judiciously, and join efforts with other groups where our interests overlap.

    In a so-called “off year” we are off to a strong start and strengthening the foundation that will support our growth. Our bank balance and grassroots network are growing stronger.

    Thanks again to all of you who make Buckeye Firearms Association successful.

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