Buckeye Firearms Declares May 2nd, 2006 ''Anybody but DeWine Day''

Rabid Anti-Gun Senator Mike DeWine has been making headlines recently as he tries to garner conservative support across Ohio. Most recently he was featured in the Washington Times for attempting to gain the grass roots support of Americans for Tax Reform, considered a highly coveted endorsement by many.

Americans for Tax Reform like most pro-gun or any other conservative organization want the politicians they support to be accountable and actually do what they promise. In this case Senator DeWine has shown his true colors once again and will not commit to the group. It is nothing but more of the same talk a good talk to get elected and flip flop when the time comes to act. Is it any wonder the Senator has managed to achieve a "F" rating from the NRA?

When questioned about his poor choices of late regarding gun rights the Senator's answer was simply "I call it like I see it."

Too bad for Ohioans that Senator DeWine is suffering from a severe case of blurred vision. Perhaps he needs to clean his glasses or just simply admit that he is not the conservative he portrays himself to be.

An article in the April 14th Columbus Dispatch titled "Despite incentive, DeWine won’t sign anti-tax pledge" confirms that the Senator is a lost cause.

What really deserves attention regarding Mike DeWine's bid for re-election and is getting very little media coverage is the fact that he has two challengers in the GOP Primary on May 2nd. The Dispatch touched on this but like the Washington Times, they concentrated more on the General Election in November, giving the impression that the Primary is a shoe-in for DeWine.

From the story:

    DeWine has seen Republican parties in a handful of rural Ohio counties endorse or give higher ratings to his lesserknown primary opponents, William G. Pierce of Maineville and David R. Smith of Mason.

    The two have attacked De-Wine as not being conservative enough on issues including gun rights, oil drilling in Alaska and spending cuts.

Later on in the article, talk of his General Election opponent.

    DeWine is expected to face a tough general-election challenge from U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Avon. Brown is a good fundraiser and seasoned statewide campaigner. And DeWine is running in a tough election year for Republicans, in part because of President Bush’s low approval ratings, Gov. Bob Taft’s lower approval ratings, Ohio’s struggling economy and GOP scandals at the state and federal level.

    DeWine said he expects voters will see him through the fog.

Is this the same fog that Senator DeWine has been looking through his entire career?

This year could be the year for Ohio to break free of the misleading foggy world that is Mike DeWine. Pro-Gun voters have two alternate choices in the May 2nd GOP Primary in Bill Pierce and David Smith. Both candidates are Second Ammendment supporters and have vowed to fight for our rights if elected.

One reason for the lack of attention to these challengers is that this primary is a three way race and many people are predicted to vote for DeWine on name recognition alone. It is imperative for those of us who know better and know DeWine's laughable track record to get word to people that DeWine is not the ideal candidate. Many people do not pay close attention to details. These folks must be informed on the ramifications of DeWine surviving the Primary.

Buckeye Firearms encourages Ohio voters to do their research and choose the best candidate on May 2nd. As we have stated in a previous article:

Gun owners who want to ensure that the United States Senate contains a majority that is committed to protecting their right to bear arms are encouraged to do their homework on these two conservative challengers. No matter who Republican voters choose in the May 2 primary, Second Amendment-defenders should make sure that their rallying cry these next three weeks is ANYBODY BUT DeWine.

Click here for more information about Bill Pierce

Information on Challenger David Smith can be found by clicking here.

Update: From time to time the Columbus Dispatch will actually surprise us by running a fair and balanced article. It seems that Mike DeWine is increasingly finding himself as the center of attention and the main stream media is beginning to take notice of his opponents in the May Primary. After this story was prepared we were pleased to discover "Battle revs up to unseat DeWine" on Saturday.

Not surprisingly the opening paragraph of the article mentions that Mike DeWine is not even concerned about losing on May 2nd. Perhaps it's time to send a clear message to Mr. DeWine that Ohioans are tired of being taken for granted.

Click here to read Saturday's article.

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