Buckeye Firearms Foundation Promotes Legal Defense for Gun Owners

Buckeye Firearms Foundation today announced that they have formed an affiliate relationship with Second Call Defense, an Ohio-based membership organization offering legal defense options for gun owners who defend themselves with a firearm.

Jim Irvine, President of the Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, said they will promote Second Call Defense membership to their supporters in Ohio and other states.

"It's just too easy for law-abiding people to find themselves in trouble if they happen to defend themselves with a gun," said Irvine. "If someone breaks into your house and you use a baseball bat to defend yourself, you almost never have any legal issues. But if you use a gun to defend yourself, you are often considered guilty until proven innocent."

Irvine says it's all about exercising Constitutional rights. "The Second Amendment confirms our individual right to own and use firearms. And one of those uses is defending yourself or your family. Rights are meaningless unless you can exercise them, so that's why we think Second Call Defense membership is important for our supporters.

"It does not in any way defend criminal behavior. What is does is help you exercise your rights legally and offers protection if you have any legal issues after using a gun in self defense."

George Lang, one of the founders of Second Call Defense, based in West Chester, Ohio, says they started the organization after seeing so many stories of people who legally and responsibly defended themselves with a gun, but found themselves in trouble anyway.

"One of the stories we heard about was a man in Cleveland," said Lang. "His name was Carl Kozlosky. He was 53 years old. One night, a convicted murderer on an all-night crack binge broke down Koslosky's back door and started beating up his girlfriend. So Kozlosky shot him with a revolver, which he had a right to do. But he was convicted of murder and sentenced to 18 years to life. His conviction was overturned two years later, but even then he spent another year in jail before being released."

Lang said no other organization offers such a comprehensive set of benefits, including training and education on legal firearm use, emergency resources such as a 24/7 legal hotline and upfront cash for attorney retainers and bond, and insurance coverage for criminal and civil protection that is backed by the NRA endorsed insurance program.

"It's really a no-brainer," said Irvine. "Self defense isn't really as much about owning a gun as it is about your mindset. If you're the kind of person who takes safety seriously, you're going to prepare for a wide range of potential risks in your life. Fire is a risk, so you install smoke detectors, get home insurance, and locate extinguishers around your house.

"Personal self defense is no different. You buy a gun, take classes on self defense, and prepare yourself for the possible legal and financial aftermath of actually defending yourself. It's just the responsible thing to do for yourself and your family."

According to Irvine, most people can't afford to put up thousands of dollars to retain qualified legal defense. Depending on the option they choose, members of Second Call Defense can get up to $10,000 upfront for an attorney retainer, immediate cash for bond up to $250,000, up to $500 per day wage compensation while in court, up to 40 sessions of psychological support, and up to $250,000 accidental shooting protection, $50,000 criminal defense reimbursement, unlimited civil suit defense protection, and $250,000 civil suit damages protection.

Memberships start at just $8.95 per month. Get complete details at www.SecondCallDefense.org.

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