California: Resolution calling for constitutional convention to redefine Second Amendment set for hearing

The California Senate Public Safety Committee on Aug. 22 will hear Senate Joint Resolution 7, to call for a constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, in order to spread California-style gun control schemes nationwide.

This resolution was introduced Aug. 14 and comes at the request of Gov. Gavin Newsom, as he and other anti-gun radicals come to the realization that the Second Amendment does, in fact, protect “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms.” It cites many anti-gun talking points as justification to do either, or both, of the following:

(a) Affirm that federal, state, and local governments may adopt public safety regulations limiting aspects of firearms acquisition, possession, public carry, and use by individuals, and that such regulations are consistent with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and the understanding that throughout American history private individuals have possessed firearms for home defense, hunting, and recreational purposes;

(b) Impose, as a matter of national policy, the following firearms regulations and prohibitions: (1) universal background checks as a prerequisite to purchase or acquisition of a firearm, (2) a prohibition on sales, loans, or other transfers of firearms to those under 21 years of age, subject to limited exceptions, (3) a minimum waiting period after the purchase or acquisition of a firearm before that firearm may be delivered to the buyer or acquirer, and (4) a prohibition on the private possession of assault weapons and other weapons of war

In addition, on Aug. 21, the Senate Appropriations Committee will hear Assembly Bill 1587, to require that credit card issuers use specified Merchant Category Codes to designate firearm and ammunition retailers.

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