Canadian security analyst: Blaming America for our gun problem is prejudicial

After weeks of blaming America for the increasingly public failure of gun control in their country, the Canadian Press is reporting that even as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice offered assurances that the United States is cooperating to try to stop the smuggling of guns into that country, Canadian officials are being told to look to their own policies rather than focus blame on America.

    John Thompson, a security analyst with the Toronto-based Mackenzie Institute,
    agreed that Americans are doing a lot to combat gun-running. But he said Canada
    has a gang problem, not a gun problem, and needed to stop pointing the finger at

    Thompson said it's politically expedient for politicians to blame "those
    crazy, wacky Americans with their mad gun culture.''

    "It's playing to a Canadian prejudice and it's playing to their standard
    political supporters,'' he said.

    By blaming the Americans, he added, politicians "don't have to talk about
    street gangs.''

As we have reported previously, in the wake of rampant gun violence in the land of gun control, Canadian politicians have pointed to the United States as a major contributor to gun violence.

Thompson said gun-running is an adjunct to the drug business.

    "If you're already moving narcotics around, bulk shipments of marijuana or
    cocaine or what have you, you're already moving an expensive, illegal property,
    so it's not that hard to move guns around too.

    "Where you have drugs, you have guns too.''

It is clear from this article that American and Canadian governments should cease all attempts to control law-abiding citizens who are practicing their human right to self-defense and instead focus on the criminals who do not care about gun control, drug control, or any other types of laws.

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