Cincinnati: Police arrest three in connection with multiple carjackings/murders

Three men who Lincoln Heights police say killed two people IN THEIR CARS, and committed a host of other crimes, were arrested Tuesday.

Their accomplice, however, is still at large.

Henry Woods, 26, and brothers Jermaine Lowery, 24, and Randall Lowry, 24 were indicted on murder, robbery and arson charges. They were tracked down in Chattanooga, Tenn., because they were acting suspiciously and were driving a stolen car.

Police are still looking for the fourth suspect, 24 year-old Nicholas Bolden.

The men face charges in two murders and a list of other felonies that include carjackings, robberies, kidnappings and arson - and those are just the ones police know about. Police believe there were several more victims who never reported the robberies.

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The violence began July 6 when three men got out of a car in Lincoln Heights and began shooting at a car in which Kevin Williams, 37, and two other men sat. Christine Brooks was working inside a Lincoln Heights convenience store at the time.

"At first we thought it was a firecracker or something. One of the customers said, 'no'. There's somebody out there on the ground," Brooks said.

That somebody outside was Kevin Williams, who was shot inside his vehicle, unable to exercise the "fundamental nature of a motor vehicle" and "simply drive away" when he was attacked, as OSHP Superintendent Paul McClellan says he should have been able to do.

Williams was killed and his car taken. The other two men in the car with him fled.

The car was later found burned.

Williams, 37, left three children, said his mother, Elaine Williams.

"We have been hurt. We have been heartbroken about this," said his mother.

More than a month after Williams' murder, on Aug. 21, the four are accused of fatally shooting another man and leaving his body in a burning car. The victim has not been positively identified, but it is suspected to be Rodney Harris, 43.

His sport-utility vehicle was found burned behind an apartment building Aug. 21 on Laidlaw Avenue in Bond Hill.

The body of a man, shot and burned beyond recognition, was discovered inside. Harris has not been seen since that night.

Police said in a carjacking the four did after that, one of them held a gun to the victim's head and took the person's car.

Police say the men returned to Lincoln Heights yet again, using a sawed-off shotgun to rob a man that night and robbing another man with the same gun Aug. 27.

"They terrorized Lincoln Heights," said Lincoln Heights Sgt. Sandra Stevenson.

This story has been compiled from news accounts buy:
The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Post Cincinnati

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