Cincinnati Post reveals multiple personalities

Readers and subscribers of the Cincinnati Post were presented with a bit of a paradox in their April 16 issue.

The Page 1 headline screams:

Homicides on record pace
Police want to target hotspots
Two killed, others injured in shootings

But on the editorial page, the paper argues in favor of regulating "hidden" weapons, stating that "of all the arguments that can be made about Ohio's concealed carry laws, this is perhaps the most eloquent: they have worked pretty darned well for a long, long time." (emphasis added) which is it? A multiplicity of federal and state gun laws in Ohio have failed to prevent Cincinnati from becoming a virtual war zone, thus we need more restrictive laws? Or rather...restrictive laws like Ohio's concealed weapons ban have not worked to protect the innocent, nor to prevent the actions of criminals?

Your reasoned thoughts may be shared with the editors by emailing [email protected].

For a more about media malfeasance regarding concealed carry reform and the CCW lawsuit from such outlets as the Columbus Dispatch and Akron Beacon Journal, click on the "Read More..." link below.

In what is not likely a coincidence, the Columbus Dispatch today worked in a headline story entitled "Guns cause most trauma deaths in county, study shows - Ninety-nine lives -- many of them young men -- were snuffed out by a gun"(subscription site - paid access only). The story covers a study which found that in the span four years, only 99 persons died from gun-related injuries in Franklin County. Almost twice as many persons were killed by cars and poisoning combined, but note that the headline didn't lead with that fact. Also in today's Dispatch, other headines described three shootings in the Columbus area yesterday, begging the question: are all of Ohio's laws against guns really working?

How has the Akron Beacon-Journal handled coverage of this case in their online edition? They haven't. As in the past, the Beacon-Journal has apparently decided that no CCW news is good news.

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