online poll shows overwhelming support for pending gun rights legislation, opposition to gun control

by Chad D. Baus

A interactive online poll, open since July, reveals overwhelming support for pending legislation that would improve or restore rights for gun owners in Ohio, while at the same time reveals massive opposition to proposed gun control.

There are several bills being considered which seek to restore or expand the rights of gun owners in Ohio, all of which the poll reveals have massive support from Ohioans:

HB 8 (Clarifies law allowing designated school employs to carry concealed weapon for safety purposes) - 95.56% in favor, 4.44% opposed

HB 99 (Prohibits agency from seizing firearm from person lawfully in possession unless police believe there is a direct and immediate threat) - 95.15% in favor, 4.82% opposed

HB 191 (Revises definition of automatic weapon so definition is not based on magazine size) - 94.63% in favor, 5.37% opposed

HB 203 (Recognizes concealed carry licenses issued by other states, eases requirements for current and former service members to obtain a firearm/concealed carry, expands the locations for stand your ground, allows person in any state to apply for a concealed/temporary handgun license in Ohio) - 95.74% in favor, 4.26% opposed

HB 210 (Requires sale of all unclaimed or forfeited firearms, allowed to be legally posseessed by person, to federally licesed dealer) - 88.74% in favor, 11.26% opposed

HB 215 (Allows school governing body to allow for current or retired law enforcement officer to patrol premises) - 97.15% in favor, 2.85% opposed

HB 231 (Allows concealed carry in motor vehicle, higher education campuses, places of worship, day care facilities, aircraft, certain government facilities, police stations, airport terminals and school safety zones) - 95.07% in favor, 4.93% opposed

HB 234 (Allows people to use noise suppressor while hunting) - 89.8% in favor, 10.2% opposed

HB 236 (Allow all non-federal, public sector employees with a concealed carry license to carry into all non-federal and non-secured public buildings) - 92.2% in favor, 7.8% opposed

SB 36 (Prohibits agency from seizing firearm from person lawfully in possession unless police believe there is a direct and immediate threat) - 93.33% in favor, 6.67% opposed

SB 165 (Prohibits physicians from submitting a patient's medical record to an electronic database maintained by another party without authorization, prohibits physicians from asking questions related to firearm ownership or possession) - 95% in favor, 5% opposed

Meanwhile, bills seeking to impose new gun control laws on Ohioans are overwhelmingly opposed:

SB 18 ('Assault weapons' ban, gun registration) - 5.91% in favor, 94.09% opposed

HB 31 (Mandatory 'safe' storage of firearms) - 20% in favor, 80% opposed

HB 119 (Requires federal dealer obtain criminal records of potential buyer and report to law enforcement when buyer cannot legally buy) - 23.9% in favor, 76.1% opposed

HB 137 (Mandatory "universal" background checks on all private firearms transactions) - 5.63% in favor, 94.37% opposed

HB 160 (Person subject to civil or criminal domestic violence must surrender all firearms) - 16.47% in favor, 83.53% opposed

HB 184 (Hunting license applicant's license specifys "firearm restricted" if applicant has been convicted of felony) - 39.37% in favor, 60.63% opposed

HB 222 (Require department of health conduct study on types of bodily harm incurred by user of firearm and those in close proximity, findings must be provided to firearm purchaser) - 6.37% in favor, 93.63% opposed

There is one interesting exception among bills listed as "restricting" gun rights, but which more accurately should be described as a crime bill:

SB 121 (Doubles mandatory prison term for firearm offender when person has prior firearm conviction) - 72.98% in favor, 27.02% opposed

While not a scientific poll, these results offer strong evidence that there is a great deal of support for restoring and improving the rights of law abiding Ohioans' gun rights, and a great deal of opposition to the idea that passing new gun control laws will help prevent crime.

Ohio's legislators, who are returning from summer break and beginning work on these and other bills, would do well to consider these poll results.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Vice Chairman.

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