Cincy Enquirer: Whining About Diversity

The Cincinnati Enquirer headlined an article Sunday that would barely have been suitable for the paper's editorial page.

While OFCC PAC is not a partisan organization, we are upfront about our support for those who support CCW reform, from either party, and our endorsements in the 2002 elections represented that fact clearly.

The Cincinnati Enquirer represents itself as a nonpartisan organization too. But a story published Sunday proves otherwise, and the paper will never be honest enough to admit their bias.

The headline tells the tale in spades:

GOP rules with no minorities, few women

Click on the "Read More... link below for more, including the paper's gripe that the majority pushed for concealed carry reform last session!

You probably can guess from the headline what follows:

"The people who will make these decisions - the 84 Republicans with ironclad control over the 132-member state General Assembly - don't look much like Ohio as a whole."

Funny - we think a body solely elected by Ohioans cannot look more like the people they represent.

"Republican lawmakers are mostly from farms, small towns and upscale suburbs. Not one Republican leader is from a big city."

Some very good Republican candidates, who supported CCW, ran for office in the big cities. It's regrettable that none were elected, but clearly, those who were elected look like the majority of their home district's voters. The same is true for the suburban and rural representatives, as it SHOULD be!

"Their views are so conservative, the Republican majority is dubbed by many in Columbus the "Caveman Caucus." Many of these lawmakers last year fought to let Ohioans carry concealed weapons..."

Yes, yes, those mean old radical conservatives, each one elected by the majority of the people in their district, fought to allow innocent victims of sexual attack, robbery, assault and murder the chance to exercise their Constitutional right to self-defense. Just deplorable.

"They are mostly men. Women make up 51 percent of Ohio's population, but just 13 percent of GOP legislators. In the Senate, not one of the 22 Republicans is a woman. In the House Republican caucus, there are 11 women and 51 men."

"They are all white. Blacks, Latinos or other minorities make up 16 percent of the state's population. Not one is a Republican lawmaker."

We recommend that those seeking public office, no matter their race or gender, adopt IDEAS that represent all of Ohio. It is for this reason that the current makeup of the General Assembly is as it is, and no other. The majority represents the majority viewpoint of the state. What could look more like Ohio than that?

If you can stomach the spin, read the entire story in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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