Cincy Post: ''Guns kill 1, hurt 1 in West End''

Two Friday the 13th shootings two blocks apart in the West End left one person dead and one person wounded.

The fatal shooting occurred at the Parktown Café at 1726 Linn.

The other shooting occurred less than six hours earlier and two blocks to the south.

There are several points to raise from this article in Saturday's Cincinnati Post.

1) Just from reading the headline, "Guns kill 1, hurt 1 in West End", one would think there are inanimate objects on the loose, rampaging around the city trying to attack humans. The truth is, humans are rampaging around Ohio's cities attacking other humans. And innocent humans deserve the recognition of their right to defend themselves from these miscreants. Notice in this Toledo Blade story about a robbery/stabbing, the knife isn't held responsible.

2) In the non-fatal shooting, Anthony Allen, 31, of the West End, was shot in the head as he sat in his car across from the York Street United Methodist Church, near York and Linn streets. Apparently, Mr. Allen was unable to take Capt. John Born's advice to "just drive away" when attacked while in a car.

3) The McKinney effect is beginning to wear off. Cincinnatians were able to enjoy a brief reprieve from their record pace of homicides after Hal McKinney stopped an armed robbery by shooting one of the assailants. But the deterrent effect appears to be wearing off, as criminals grow confident that most of their victims will indeed be unarmed. Passing HB12 and beginning to issue concealed carry licenses will certainly give them pause again, as they are forced to accept the idea that almost ANY potential victim could be armed.

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